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If you are looking for Live Wheel of Dice Casinos to play, then you can stop your search right here as you have reached the top destination of the best online casinos that offer Live Wheel of Dice. Wheel of Dice is one of the latest and interesting casino game which has taken the online casino world by storm. It is one of the simplest games on the Internet which has been acknowledged in the Online casino world.

The casinos listed in this section have been handpicked carefully by our gambling experts after hours of searching. We keep updating the list of casinos to provide all the required information to the players about the Live Wheel of Dice Casinos. Live Wheel of Dice is new to the casino industry and here the casinos provide the exciting bonuses and offers to the players to make the game more popular. Just like other live dealer games, Live Wheel of Dice is also available for all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We hope you find our section useful and can make some well informed choices regarding where to gamble online. Both new players and veteran members will find this section a delight.

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About: Live Wheel of Dice Casino:

Wheel of Dice Casino is a very entertaining game which uses the Evolution Gaming Software to make the game more realistic and thrilling by providing a wonderful experience to the players. Wheel of Dice consists of three wheels with 32 stops each. Each and every stop shows the face of a dice, which ranks from one to six.

The player has to choose the wheel to bet on and has to guess that what face of dice will land on. The lower the number of dots, more it will appear on the wheels. Also, there is an option of side bet which is based on all the three wheels.

Why to play Live Wheel of Dice:

  • Multiple players can play – There are multiple number of players who can play together without facing any difficulty of Live casino table.

  • Live Chat Functionality – While playing with Live dealer, a player can interact with the dealer or with other players through live chat functionality.

  • Audio and Video Controls - A player can easily minimize or maximize the audio or video controls while playing the Live Wheel of Dice.

  • HD graphics- A player will find the ultimate video streaming and this gives the realistic experience to the player.

  • Fully modified limits and chips – When a player signs-up for an account, a player has to deposit some funds to their account to activate their account. The casino provides justified limits and chips to the player in return.

  • Short and entertaining game – It is a very short game and entertaining game because the game consists of guessing the number on a wheel and when the wheel the stops the outcome will be declared and next round will start.

  • Attractive bonuses and promotions - The casino provides attractive offers to the players to play the game with more ease and comfort.

  • 24*7 available around the clock – Players can play their favorite Live Wheel of Dice any time around the clock. But, before playing, a player has to make sure that the casino game is legal or not in their country under the jurisdiction laws.

Rules to Play Live Wheel of Dice:

There are certain rules and regulations which are mandatory to know for each and every player to play the game.

  • It is game which consists of 3 wheels with 32 slices and on each slice, a player will find the face of a dice which is ranking from one to six. And the distribution of each face will appears on each wheel is given below.

  • If the dice face outcome is 1, the number of slices will be 15.

  • If the dice face outcome is 2, the number of slices will be 7.

  • If the dice face outcome is 3, the number of slices will be 4.

  • If the dice face outcome is 4, the number of slices will be 3.

  • If the dice face outcome is 5, the number of slices will be 2.

  • If the dice face outcome is 6, the number of slices will be 1.

  • The game starts by placing the bet on any specific wheel and one has to guess on which number will land on the wheel.

  • Also, there is a “any triple bet”, which is completely based on the outcome of all three wheels.


Like other casino games, the Live Wheel of Dice is also completely based on your luck. The only strategy which can be implemented is during the bet selection. It is recommended that if you play, then play for the lowest house edge advantage on the six on a specific wheel.


Live Wheel of Dice is one of the most entertaining games which has added a new thrill to the online casino world. It is a game where the excitement keeps increasing while playing. So, what are you waiting for? It is the top game to get the best experience of playing casino game with live dealer.

Below, we have shared the best and secure casinos which will deliver the great exposure of Live Wheel of Dice. Further, to know more updates about the casino games, you can BOOKMARK our URL and can easily get all the information about the latest bonuses and promotions offered by the casino.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the rules being different for physical and live online wheel of dice casino game?

  • No, the rules are same while playing at a physical casino or at a live online casino. The only difference comes across is this that that while playing at a physical casino, you will face lot of distractions but playing with live dealer doesn’t consists of any distractions.

  • Can I interact with the Live Dealer while playing?

  • Yes, a player can easily interact with the live dealer through the chat functionality. A player can easily ask any query or question to the dealer while playing the game live. And the dealers will answer you very happily, but the question should be related to the game because the live dealers doesn’t tolerate any type of misbehaviour from the player.

  • Will live dealer be able to see me?

  • No, live dealer will not be able to see the player. But, a player can see the dealer and can choose own live dealer and table to play with. While playing, the dealer can see only a screen in front of them with the name of the player and mandatory information.

  • How I can be sure that there is no cheating while playing live?

  • During the game, there is no chance of cheating because all the game is getting recorded. There is an appropriate management in place and have proper surveillance during all the day. Also, all the games and their software’s are certified by the experts. Further, all the dealers at casino are professionals and maintain the casino standards.

  • What will happen, in case if I lose internet connection?

  • In case, if you lose internet connection, then there is certain time applicable to reconnect and to make your next move. Also, if you are not able to reconnect then your game will get over and you have to do a fresh start. And, you will get everything in your history about winning or losing of wages.

  • Is it safe and legal to play with the listed casinos?

  • All the casinos which are listed below are fully legalised and safe. There are certain rules and regulations which are mandatory to be followed by all the casinos before getting listed.

  • Is there any software to download for playing Live Wheel of Dice?

  • It is not compulsory to download the software for playing the Live Wheel of Dice. Whereas, the software’s are offered by the casinos to make the visuals more effective. But, it doesn’t mean that the players will not able to enjoy the HD graphics on normal browser. A player will get the same visuals if they play in the normal browser.

  • Is all my information secured while signing-up account?

  • Yes, the information will remain secure while signing-up for an account with the casino. Your information will not be displayed to anyone else because the pages are encrypted by SSL security. So, a player need not to concern about the security.

  • Is there any way to win big?

  • There is no particular way to win big. It completely depends that how active and confident you are for your bet which you have made. Rest, as like other casino games, Live Wheel of Dice is also based on your luck. If it’s your day, then you will win big but one should know their limit of betting and should know that where they have to stop.

  • Is there any version of Live Wheel of Dice?

  • This completely depends on the casino, that whether they offer the free version to the players or not. There are many players who are new to the game, and they expect to play free version of the game before playing for real money. There are some casinos who offer a free version but some casinos don’t offer. So, it is always recommended to not depend on the free version of games. You should know all the rules and regulations of the game before you spend money.

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