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If you are feeling bored of playing other casino games, and want to try your luck at a new exciting game, then Sic Bo, is the right choice to bring more fun and excitement to break the monotony of your regular casino games.

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Sic Bo Betting Options and Odds

Sic Bo is a three dice game which gets played at a very different and unique table layout. There are many players who play their game in their own way, whereas, some players chose numbers wisely and some players play to manage their bankroll. However, Sic Bo has a very interesting bets that can help a player to win big money playing the game. So, continue reading the tips to enjoy and win your game:

  • Bet on Big or Small: Betting on Big or Small are the most beneficial and the safest bets. It means that when a player rolls the dice then the total score should lie between 4 to 11 or from 11 to 17, to win the Payouts of 1:1.

  • Combination of Bets: When a player plays online or with a real dealer then one can bet on any specific two numbers or can make a combination bet. The main benefit is that it has low house edge of 2.77% with the winning Payouts of 6:1.

  • Avoid Betting for Triples: Betting for triples is one of the riskiest bet to play and usually players keep triples as an additional bet. In this, if a player bet on a triple and win then you will get the Payouts worth 180:1 but in case if a player loses a bet which mostly happens, then this bet will make a loss of huge money.

  • Even Bets: There are numerous bets which are incorporated in Sic Bo with the house edge from 2.78% to 30%. Thus, the players who wish to play for even-money bets has a more chance of winning the house edge.

  • Checking Total Bets: It is a best way to play along with different total bets. For example, if a player places a bet between 8 to 13 then the house edge will be 12.50%. But, the players who place the total odds between 7 to 14, then the house edge will be 9.70%. Thus, the total odds with lower house edge is more preferable.

  • Ignore using Betting Systems: There are many players who have tried to use the betting systems but always got negative results. So, a player should try to play with its own tactics or instincts to win the game instead of playing with some betting strategies.

Live Sic Bo Strategy Guide:

Sic Bo is purely a dice game and it doesn’t come with a lot of surprises. It is a fact that most of the players try to play with their lucky numbers or try something else to feel better about their bet. But, the truth is that while playing, one should play the game very practically and try to improve the chance of winning by picking up the bets that have the lowest house edges.

  • Stick with Low-Risk Bets: In Sic Bo, playing with Small and Big Bets is one of the best and safest winning strategy. A small bet pays a player if the number gets hit between 4 to 10. And a big bet pays a player if the number gets hit between 11 to 17. Thus, if the odds of hitting the number is high, the wager will be low and will get the Payouts 1:1.

  • Medium Risk Betting Strategy: The medium risk strategy won’t break your bank balance. In this, place your chips on multiple numbers of the betting board and play smartly to make sure that you have four different chances of winning something on each roll.

Advantages of Live Sic Bo:

Live Sic Bo is a game which most of the players prefer to play at their own pace. Also, there is no waiting around for other players to play their bet, you need to click and start roll. There are some other benefits too which makes the game more interesting:

  • The main advantage of playing with live dealer is that a player gets the safe and secure gaming ambiance like a physical casino.

  • All the casinos listed below provides the fully tested casino’s software with HD quality gaming experience.

  • A player will get the function of chat box to interact with the live dealer and with other players about the queries and can make a social network online.

  • If a player has queries, they can contact the casinos who provide the 24*7 customer support with live chat.

  • A player can easily deposit and withdraw money through a highly encrypted payment method.

  • All live dealer games are mobile, laptop and tablet responsive, which allows to play at your comfort area.

  • A player can enjoy welcome bonuses, free spins and other benefits too and to remain update one can CLICK HERE!

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Are all the casinos listed in this section is licensed and regulated?

  • All the casinos listed in this section are highly regulated and licensed under some jurisdictions. We list the casinos after reviewing in the last 12 months to provide the best and safe experience of live dealer.

  • When I can play the Sic Bo with live dealer?

  • A player can play the game any time according to their time zone. All the casinos understand the fact that the players can play from any country or state where they have different time zone. So, live dealers are available 24*7.

  • How I can deposit or withdraw my money?

  • Before you can start playing a game, every player has to register an account. And once you are registered with a particular casino, you will get the option to deposit your money to play your game. It will be a secure gateway from where you can deposit or withdraw your winning amount.

  • Do I need to download any software to play Live Sic Bo?

  • Usually, there are particular software’s for each and every game but in case if a player doesn’t want to download any software, then a player can play the game in their normal browser.

  • Is there any maximum or minimum limit s allowed for Live Sic Bo?

  • Usually, there are some standard live dealer Sic Bo table limits, but mostly, minimum limits are $1-$5 and maximum can go over $10000 which depends on your status.

  • How a dice will get rolled?

  • When you play online with an automated software, the software simulates a dice roll, but when a player plays with a live dealer, the dealer of the game itself rolls the dice by using the real dice and a shaker.

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