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Roulette is a popular gambling game in which a ball is dropped onto a revolving wheel with 38 compartments. The players can bet on where the ball will land, making Roulette a game of pure chance.

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Reasons for the popularity of roulette:

Roulette is very popular game and the popularity of roulette can be attributed, to several of its unique features, which can be grouped under the following sub headings:

  • It is a game of chance: Roulette involves great deal of luck, for winning good amount, and therefore players find it very interesting to play.

  • It is completely unpredictable:The Roulette becomes more enthralling & captivating as the results cannot be predicted. In this game, where the ball will stop, which number will be declared as winner, can never be guessed accurately.

  • You can develop your strategies also:Although, the results in roulette are more dependent on your luck, but you can also plan strategically to increase your chances of winning and develop a positive winning attitude.

  • You can win good amount:There are very good chances of making good money online, if the luck is in your favour. For example, if you are making a hard hitting bet, on a single number, and that number wins, then you can get up to 35% of your bet, and similarly for other bets also.

How to Play Live Roulette Online

Roulette is a popular gambling game in which a ball is dropped onto a revolving wheel with numbered pockets. The players can bet on where the ball will land, making Roulette a game of pure chance.

The croupier spins the wheel in a clockwise direction then throws the ball in the opposite direction. The success or failure of a player’s bet is determined by where the ball lands. You have the opportunity to place a bet on, a single number or grouping of numbers, if the number is going to be odd or even and also the colours red, black or green.

Watch this short video tutorial on how to play live roulette courtesy of the 888 casino.


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Roulette Tips

All Roulette casino players are individuals and therefore each player has their own way of playing, betting and planning. provides you with some helpful tips that may end up meaning the difference between success or failure at the roulette table!

Play Live Roulette

There is no comparison between a live game of roulette and a computer generated version. Seriously, try it for yourself with any of the Live Casinos listed below and you will see the difference.

Playing Live Roulette online is the next best thing to playing roulette in a real casino – of this, there is no doubt!

Often, when playing on a computerised roulette wheel it can feel as though the ball is landing on every square apart from the ones you placed your chips on. It is very easy, yet highly frustrating, to blame this on the computer that made the decision. Live roulette takes this frustration out of the equation, letting you play on a real roulette wheel operated by a real person – meaning the only person you have to blame is yourself or lady luck!


Always have a clear idea how much money you want to gamble at the roulette table. It is always more important to convince yourself to make bet as per the budget!

Look to the Future not at the Past

Past results on the roulette wheel will have absolutely no bearing on what will happen in the future! Some players will gamble on black if the ball has landed on red five times in a row. Even though this strategy works for some players, roulette is a game of pure chance – and this should be taken into account when calculating your bets! The ball could land on red for a sixth time and you’ve just lost all of your money!

The Golden Rule

The golden rule for betting at the roulette table is, know when to walk away! It’s always a good move to walk away from a table that’s just taken all your hard earned money so as to avoid losing even more.

Benefits of playing Live Roulette online

  • Trustworthy and Genuine sites

  • Convenient and easily accessible

  • Live dealer interaction

  • Real casino atmosphere

  • More Privacy

  • Can play anytime even at 4 in the morning

Playing live roulette online offers many advantages over playing the land based casino. Similar to any online play, live roulette Convenient and easily accessible. The players can easily play from the comfort of his home, or he/she can play anytime even at 4 in the morning.

Playing Live Roulette is a Fun and Exciting Experience!

Playing live roulette is now easier and more accessible than ever before. Players can now play from the comfort of their home thanks to online live casinos. But don’t feel you’re missing out on the casino experience because when you play live roulette you are playing with a real wheel being operated by a real croupier in a real casino.

You can even interact with the croupier as well as other players. have widely reviewed all the live casinos to show you which casino is offering the best bonuses and promotions, helping you get the most from your live roulette experience.

We're sure that once you try the listed casinos featured here for live roulette, you'll be really impressed by how they play out and you will enjoy your time at the live roulette table. Best of luck!!

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Frequently Asked questions:

  1. How I can deposit my money to buy the chip?

    When you will login to your account, there will be an option to deposit your money. The payment is done with secure gateway where you will deposit your money to buy the chips for your favorite game.

  2. How I can interact with the Live Dealer and other players?

    There is a functionality provided to the players to interact with the Live Dealers regarding their queries through chat box. One can also interact with other players too who are playing next to you in the casino.

  3. Do I need some special software to play the game?

    Downloading some software completely depends on you that whether you want to install it or not. All the casinos provide their own software’s to download which is a matter of few minutes. But, again as it is said, it completely depends on you because in case if you don’t want to install it then your game will open up in a normal browser and you can play the game.

  4. What will be the availability of the Live Dealers?

    Live Dealers are available 24*7. There are many people who play the game and it’s not mandatory that the players should be from our state or country. So, for the convenience of players, live roulette is available around the clock.

  5. What is the difference between the Online Roulette and Live Roulette?

    The main difference between the Online Roulette and Live Roulette is - when you will play online, there will be an automated software which will deal your game but in live roulette, there will be an opportunity to play with the live dealer and can feel the same ambiance as you feel in the traditional casinos.

  6. Are Rules or Bets of Live Roulette being different from Online Roulette or Traditional Casinos?

    No, the rules are the same. As the game is same, the difference which it shows is - you have to play your game online or with live dealer instead of land casino.

  7. What strategies I should follow?

    As we all know, casino games are completely based on your luck but sometimes if you are an experienced player then you get to know that what combinations you should chose. But, till now there are no such software’s which can determine that where your ball will land next.

  8. How I find the good online roulette table?

    You can look for the best online offering table. We judge each casino table for its graphics, security and graphics of the game with excellent bonus’s and Payouts for the benefit of the player.

  9. How I should trust that Live Roulette is honest or not?

    Live Dealer Roulette is the latest advancement done in the casino world and also gaining a huge popularity and the reason behind is, you can see a real dealer who will explain you everything and then start dealing your game.

  10. Is there any free version of Live Roulette to practise?

    This is something which completely depends on the casinos whether they are offering the free version of the game or not. There are some of the casinos who offer free versions but some casinos don’t offer.

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