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If you are looking for some good, old-fashioned card games, then you are in the right place. Here you will enter the world of Punto Banco, a popular game variation of Baccarat which is very easy to understand and play. The main aim of Punto Banco is to place the bet between two hands i.e. Punto (the player) and the banco (the banker) and to defeat the dealer’s hand by achieving the score nearest to nine.

In this section of Here To Gamble, our main aim is to provide you a list of the best online casinos that offer Live Punto Banco with welcome bonuses. We make sure that the players who visit these online sites have wholesome fun and get to gamble in a safe and secure environment while playing Punto Banco online. Just Click on Play Now and sign up at listed casinos below and enjoy a true Punto Banco experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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  • How to Play Punto Banco Online?

  • The Basic Rules of Punto Banco?

  • Commonly Asked Questions

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    How to Play Punto Online and Punto Banco rules?

    Live Punto Banco is one of the most popular casino game. It is a game which gets played on a Live Punto banco table with as many as 14 players on the table and the deal of every player involves two hands - the player (Punto) and the bank (banco). Playing Punto Banco online is very simple to learn. There are a few Punto banco rules and learning how to play Punto banco is as easy as counting up to ten. First you need to, place a bet on the correct spot of Punto banco table. Once all the bets are made by the players, the dealer will start the deal by placing the cards in the middle of the action table. Then, the game starts and the first card will be picked by the player and the second card will be picked by the dealer. In this game, it is important to know the value of all the cards.

    • If the total of your two cards is 0-5 you must draw another card.

    • If your total is 6-7 you must stand; Punto banco rules doesn't allow you to draw another card.

    • If your total is 9 you win (less the dealer has a total of 9 as well). A total of eight dictates the same according to Punto banco rules.

    • The winner of Punto banco is the one with the highest hand total.

    • The banker's rules of hitting and standing are a little more complicated, that is due to preserve the house edge, which is quite low in internet Punto banco tables.

    • When the Banks total is 0-2, he must take a third card.

    • When the banks total in Punto banco is 3, he must take another card less the player's total is eight.

    • When the banks total is 4, he must hit less the player's third card is – 8-10 or 1.

    • When the banks total is 5, he must hit if the player's third card is 4-7, otherwise he stands.

    • If the banker's total is 6 then he must only hit when the player's third card is 6-7.

    • When the banker's hand's total is 7, he always stands.

    The Basic Rules of Punto Banco

    Cards values

    A ten, jack, queen and king count as 0. An ace counts as 1 and all other cards are face value.

    Two Cards Are Dealt

    The dealer starts Punto Banco by dealing two face up cards to each hands. The first card is dealt to the Punto hand and the next card is dealt to the Banco hand. The rules of Punto Banco then determine whether or not the Punto hand receives another card.

    Card Values of the First Two Cards

    If either the Punto or Banco hand has a card value of 8 or 9 with the first two cards, then the game is over and that hand is the winner. If the value of the Punto hand is 0 to 5 then another card is drawn. If the value of the Punto hand is 6 or 7 then no added card is taken.

    The Banco hand plays next according to the same rules for the Punto hand – 0 to 5 take a card, 6 or 7 take no cards and ‘stands’ ‘pat’.

    If A Third Card Is Drawn

    The Banco hand takes another card or stands depending upon what third card the Punto hand receives

    • If the Player drew a 2 or 3, the Banker stands if he has 5 -7 or draws if he has 0 to 4

    • If the Player drew a 4 or 5, the Banker stands if he has 6 -7 or draws if he has 0 to 5

    • If the Player drew a 6 or 7, the Banker stands if he has 7 or draws if he has 0 to 6

    • If the Player drew an 8, the Banker stands if he has 3–7 or draws if he has 0 to 2

    • If the Player drew an ace, nine, ten or face-card the Banker stands if he has 4 to 7 or draws if he has 0 to 3

    If both hands have the same value then a tie is called and no one wins or loses.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    • Are the listed Live Punto Banco games compatible on iOS or other Apple gadgets?

    • All the listed casinos here, are compatible with all the Apple gadgets. You might need to install a browser which completely depends on the casinos software. All the casino game can be easily played at all the Apple devices.

    • What bonuses are available?

    • The main bonus offers at Here To Gamble is the welcome bonus of 100% on all first deposits. The players can check other bonuses & promotions via social media, through email or on the news and promotions page here

    • Can I play free games of Punto Banco?

    • You may or may not and this completely depends on the casino and you can find that after signing up. Once you have registered, you will find the option to play it for real cash or free, then you can opt your choice and can easily get to know about the game.

    • How I can deposit or withdraw the money?

    • After signing-up, when you start playing for real money, you will get the option to deposit money to buy the chip. You will get a safe payment gateway to deposit your money and you can pay via your debit or credit cards. Similarly, when you have played your game and you want your winning amount, then your account will directly get credited with your winning amount and you can take it out accordingly.

    • Are all the casinos online on Weekends?

    • Yes, all the listed casinos are available 7 days 24*7. So, you need not to worry about the game to play. You can play anytime from any time zone, all the days.

    • Can I really win the game?

    • Winning completely depends on the way you play the game. Each game does have some rules and strategies to play, if you know them then it increases the chance to win the game. But, one should never forget that all the casino games are completely based on the luck, so one should try to play smartly by using their own tricks or strategies but should not expect much.

    • What bonuses or offers I can expect from the Live Punto Banco casinos?

    • The bonuses you can expect are the welcome bonuses and free spins. All these bonuses are usually offered by the casinos and this help the players in increasing their gaming budget and also increases the level of fun and excitement to win and play the game.

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