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WELCOME to the Live Dragon Tiger Casinos section. Here you will find the top online Dragon Tiger Casinos to play with live dealers. We have listed here the Top Live Dragon Tiger Online Casinos that you can choose and could have fun!

Dragon Tiger is one of the most entertaining casino game that is played in a similar technique to Baccarat. Dragon Tiger is undoubtedly one of the simplest casino games to play at a live casino which also adds to the fun and excitement. If you are looking to play something new and interesting, the Live Dragon Tiger is your right up there. It is an exciting choice and can give you more fun and entertainment than many other games.

Here to Gamble is a place where you will discover all the latest information about the Live Dragon Tiger.

Below are Dragon Tiger casinos that you can play online with live dealers and we have listed the best and most reputable casinos casino right here on this page that offers the following:

  • Welcome Bonus 100% upto $100.

  • 40X Play through bonus

  • Unlimited money depositing methods

  • Chat with the live dealer or with respective players

  • Powerful software’s for instant results

  • 24*7 customer support

Live Dragon Tiger Casinos - About

Live Dragon Tiger is an Asian game which was first introduced in Cambodia and it is popular in all the casinos because of the simplicity, odds and speed of the game. Most of the rules and strategies are same like the Baccarat game.

The game represents the symbolic battle between the two powerful forces of Yin and Yang. The game might seem to be difficult for the first time, but it is all about the two cards (Tiger or the Dragon) which will be dealt by the dealer on the Tiger and Dragon fields and the highest value cards wins.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is played with 52 cards which will be shuffled halfway through the shoe by removing all the jokers or the wild cards. Ace is the lowest card and the highest value is the King in the game. Further, before placing a bet, a player should know all the instructions to play the game:

  • A player has to place a bet either on the “Tiger” or on the “Dragon”.

  • Banker or the dealer will distribute each card at the Dragon and the Tiger.

  • The two cards Dragon and the Tiger will be dealt face up and the side with higher total wins.

  • The winner will be declared after knowing that who has the highest value between the both and in case if both get the same points then it will be declared as “Tie” game.

Live Dragon Tiger Bets:

After placing the bet, the player has to wait for the dealer to place the cards on the layout. But there are two important rules to consider. Firstly, aces are low, so the order of Ace cards from low to high- 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. Secondly, in case, if both the Dragon and Tiger receive the same value, then the house takes half from both the wages.

  • Tie Bet: Players can place a bet on Tie. The payoff for the tie is 8:1 which gives the casino 3.73%. There is no house edge in the casino because there are approximately 86,320 possible outcomes and out of that, 6448 outcomes result in a tie which is more than the Casino war and Baccarat.

  • Big and Small Bet: A player can bet on any card either over seven or under seven. The big bet consists of six cards i.e. 8,9,10, J, Q K and the small bet also consists of six cards i.e. Ace, 2,3,4,6. A player will win if the bet comes with right outcome and in case if the card drawn is 7, then also the player will lose and the casino will get the outcome of 7.69% edge of the bet.

  • Suit Bet: Players can also bet on the suit. A player will lose if the selected suit will not appear in the outcome for the chosen hand. Also, the casino will take the edge if 7 appears in the outcome.

Live Dragon Tiger Payout Table:

Pay Off Odds
Bet on tie payoff goes by 1:8
Tiger Odd payoff goes by 1:0.75
Dragon Red payoff goes by 1:0.9
Tiger Red payoff goes by 1:0.9
Tiger Black payoff goes by 1:0.9
Dragon Black payoff goes by 1:0.9
Dragon Even payoff goes by 1:1.05
Dragon Odd payoff goes by 1:0.75

Some Pointers When Choosing Live Dragon Tiger Casinos Online

While choosing the Live Dragon Tiger Casinos Online, the best tip would be to check the particular casino first in detail and check reviews and try their free games first. This way you will get an idea about the casino and then you can play at the casino without any worries. In addition, you should make sure that the casino is safe and trustworthy place to play. Below are some key tips you should consider when choosing Live Dragon Tiger casinos:

  • Bonuses - Check for the exclusive bonuses to get extra free cash.

  • Security - Since we are playing the game online, we should make sure about the safety and security measures to protect the personal and financial data.

  • Banking - To play the game for real money, always make sure to add the fund to your casino account by using only renowned online banking methods like Visa, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, bank transfer etc.

  • Software - Check for the software they used, as with Good and certified software you can enjoy the game with high quality graphics or in better environment. So make sure about the software used.

  • Mobile - Check if the online casino offers mobile version of Live Dragon Tiger so you can also play the game on your mobile phones.


Live Dragon Tiger is a game which is very easy to understand and play. And there are many players who love playing this game and the reason behind is its simplicity and odds which allow the players to win big. Also, it is a game which keep on increasing the thrill and excitement that what will be the outcome.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and try your luck at all of the different games on offer here at our online casino. Whether you're a beginner or a casino expert, you will find anything and everything you need at Here To Gamble.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the key difference between baccarat and live dragon tiger?

    Baccarat is a game in which you have plays against the dealer and bet on the banker or the player or tie whereas, in live dragon tiger, you have to play against yourself only and have to place a bet against the dragon, tiger or tie.

  • How often I can win while playing live dragon tiger?

    It completely depends on you that how much focused you are towards your game. If you apply the counting card strategy, then it increases the possibility of winning big.

  • Which bet pays the highest wages?

    The Tie bet pays you the highest wages. If you place a tie bet, then 50% of the winning bet will be deducted as a commission charge and the rest of the pay-out will be given to the player.

  • Can I interact between the game with the live dealer?

    Yes, you can interact with your dealer during the game. But, it is always recommended to interact regarding your game only because any misbehaviour will not be tolerated by the live dealers.

  • Is there 24*7 customer support service?

    Yes, there is 24*7 customer support service you will get from the live dragon tiger casino. You will find the option to email, or live chat to interact with the customer support team.

  • Is it mandatory to install any software or application required to play the game?

    No, it’s not mandatory to install or download any application. Most of the casinos do offer some software’s to download to provide an HD video streaming but it completely depends on you that whether you want to install it or not. In case if you don’t feel downloading any application, you can play your favorite game in a normal browser and get the same realistic player.

  • Can I play some free versions of the game?

    This completely depends on the casino that whether they offer the free version or not. There are some of the casinos who offer free versions and it is always recommended that if don’t know much about the game then you should try some free versions of the game before playing it for real money.

  • How safe it is to play Live Dragon Tiger Casino?

    While playing online, it is always recommended to check the security terms and conditions. All the casinos which are listed below are fully encrypted by SSL software which allows all the data to be fully secure and safe.

  • For how much duration the Live Dragon Tiger game I can play?

    It completely depends on you. If your country allows you to play casino games online, then you can play anytime, live dealers are available for 24*7.

  • Will the bonuses really help in winning the game?

    It is not compulsory that the bonuses will help in winning, but, yes it will increase your chances of winning the game.

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