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Best Live Craps Casinos 2017 - Everything About Winning in Live Craps

Playing live craps online is a thrill that anybody can enjoy right from the comfort of their own home. This is the place to help you discover the wonderfully entertaining and profitable game of craps with live dealer support. Just browse through the list below and we assure you won’t be disappointed. Get a complete fair gambling experience at these most reputed sites that have been carefully handpicked by our gaming experts. We always care about our players and want them to have the best gaming time in live craps and only at the best sites. Each casino listed here offers a great choice and variety in games with incredible bonuses.

We update this list frequently with the latest information about the casinos, the welcome bonuses offered, the reviews and detailed information on what each of them have to offer. Check out our top casinos for live craps players below. To get access to the bonuses, just visit the sites and sign up now! Stay tuned with us for online craps updates and news, check out the craps sites and good luck. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

The benefits of Live Craps Gambling:

  • Hi-Fi Sound

  • New Graphics

  • Weekly Cash Drawings

  • 24-Hour Live Support

  • Incredible bonuses

  • Variety in games

History of Live Craps Online:

Craps is one of the most popular casino games among the players of different age groups. This is basically a dice game, and has been derived from the English Dice Game known as “Hazard”. This game was started playing by the street gamblers who renamed it as “Crapaud”. As time passed, it gained a huge popularity worldwide on an international level during the Second World War. This main reason behind this popularity was that the players could enjoy this fabulous game sitting at home, in their homely comfort. With the advent of technology, Internet has helped the Craps game and has made it hugely popular amongst the gamblers by giving them an opportunity to play online or with live dealer. For more information on craps, please have a look at

Live Craps Rules:

Craps is a simple game but its rules are extremely complex that can confuse a newbie. However, there are some basic craps rules that new players need to learn before they can enjoy a craps game. In simple words we can say that Live carps is a casino game, which can be made as simple as possible or as complex as possible. If you make yourself familiar with all the aspects of the game beforehand, then the game will become simple.

Live Carps Online is a game which gets played on designed table with the use of two dices. Every dice has 6 faces with numbers ranging from 1 to 6. Anyone, who looks the live craps table online for the first time, can get confused or can get intimidated that it is not the easiest game.

According to the craps rules the round is roughly divided into 2 stages “Come Out” and “Point”. The game is started with the come-out roll when the point is determined and player starts placing a pass line or don’t pass line bet on the live casino table. The shooter throws dices and participants see the results: In case, if the value of both the dices on a come-out roll is equal to 2,3 or 12, then it will be called as “crapping out” and the round will get over. And, in case if the come out roll total is 7 or 11, the round will get over but the players will win the pass line bets and lose the don’t pass line bets.

Also, if any other value gets rolled like 4,5,6,8,9 or 10, then a player will get the point and the round will continue to the next level until the player roll didn’t get the value of 7 or the point which has been established to achieve.

Live Craps Online Casino Strategy:

Live Craps, just like any other game in a casino is based on luck. Therefore, there is no sure fire strategy to guarantee 100% winnings. But all live craps players try their best to come up with some effective craps strategy for turning the game in their favour. It is always important that before opting a game, every player need to gather some basic information about the craps game. There are some of the basic ideas and strategy bets which will help you win big.

  • Pass Line Betting Strategy: Pass line betting is one of the best betting strategy for the beginners as well as for the regular players because it consists of a low house edge. And to win this bet, a player has to get the combination roll of 7 or 11 to win the come-out roll.

  • Come Betting Strategy: Come Bet is more like a Pass Line betting strategy because while playing this bet you will get the more chance of hitting an odd bets and this increases the winning potential of players.

  • Maximum Odds Strategy: Maximum Odds Strategy is a healthier betting strategy which allow the players to keep the Pass Line Bet and the Maximum possible bets on the odds. And, this thinking gives you more chances of winning more cash.

  • Taking Odds Strategy: Taking odds bet is a point number which will be rolled before a 7 and gets paid out as “true odds”. And, this strategy significantly reduces the house edge advantage on the overall game.

  • Optimal Strategy: It is a rigid betting strategy which is designed to increase your winnings and Payouts. Thus, it is a strategy which is completely reduces the house edge according the playing pattern. Whereas, some players adopt this optimal strategy completely, some use it with other variations in the game.

Benefits of Live Craps

There are some benefits of playing Live craps which you cannot expect in public casinos or street craps.

Privacy: Privacy is one of the major concerns for majority of people in present time. All the Live carps maintain player’s privacy, and they can enjoy the game without any stress and feel relaxed.

Convenience: These Live Craps games are available round the clock i.e. 24/7 so you can enjoy the same at any point of time as per your convenience. You can enjoy the Live craps games sitting at home and do not have to travel to any casino for enjoying the game of your choice. Live carps are a very convenient option as you can play the game without any distraction.

Multiple options: Thousands of options are available online. Just pick a suitable one and your work is done. That is not possible physically or mentally in street or casino craps.

Attractive bonuses: This is something you cannot miss out. Most of the online casino sites offer these alluring bonuses which make the game more interesting.

Money guarantee: After all, you don’t have to carry hard cash in the streets of Las Vegas. Have the pleasure of using plastic money while making transactions in online craps.


Craps is a game which looks complicated but it is not. There are players who love to play live craps casino online and the reason behind that is they don’t like the crowd or unwanted distractions which are observed while playing in physical casinos. If you want to learn how to play Craps, it can take just ten minutes if you are really interested in learning how to do that.

Here To Gamble offers you a huge list of trustworthy casinos below which provides an amazing experience with complete support 24*7. Our first preference is always our player’s satisfaction and security, and for this reason we always review the casino background before listing on our website. Also, the casinos which are listed below offer the great promotions and bonuses to add more fun and excitement in the game. Further, if you want to know more, then you can contact us or can BOOKMARK OUR WEBSITE for all the ultimate information about the casinos.

Common Asked Craps Questions

  • Do I need to retain all the bets to play live craps?

    Well, Craps is a game which consists of lots of bets and it is difficult to memorise all the bets. Thus, the best odds in the game comes from by just making one simple bet i.e. the pass bet or don’t pass bet. If you are able to understand and make these two bets easily then you can ignore rest of the bets and can enjoy your game.

  • From where I will get the software to online casino game to download?

    After signing up, you will get an option which will provide you the option to download the casino software. But, before downloading any casino software, make sure that you have enough space in your computer or at any other gadget, so that you will be able to run the application or software appropriately.

  • Is live dealer craps game only for “high rollers”?

    No, that’s not true. It has been observed that most of the players are found playing craps online or with live dealers but it doesn’t mean that they are playing right bets. If you know the game well and know how to offer the best bets, then you can easily win the game with huge amount.

  • What is the house edge in live dealer craps game?

    The house edge in craps completely depends on the type of bet you want to make. The “don’t pass bet” comes with the lowest house edge which comes with the advantage of 1.36% and the “pass line bet” comes with the house edge of 1.41%. These two bets are the most beneficial bets which comes with almost no house edge.

  • Is Live Dealer Craps Casino game being available on Android cell-phones and iPhones?

    Earlier playing live dealer craps casino game on Android phones and on iPhones was not possible. But, from last few years, it has become possible. The increment in the technology has made things possible and now one can easily play their favorite craps game on their android phones or on their iPhone.

  • Are the listed casinos reliable and safe?

    All the casinos listed below are completely reliable. One need not to worry while playing because all the casinos listed here are fully reviewed under the jurisdiction laws. So, one can easily trust the casinos and can play safely with more excitement.

  • Is there any strategy to win big?

    Live Dealer Craps Casino game is one of the most lovable games, which is played by most of the players. But, it is a game which completely depends on your luck and it is as easy to lose and as it is easy to win.

  • How much it is possible to win?

    There is no fixed amount. It completely depends on the way of playing the game. And, most importantly, it depends on the amount you are prepared to stake on a game and also, that how longer you play the game. The more you will play more you will win or lose.

  • What is a game of chance while playing craps online?

    While playing Craps, the game of chance is determined either by physical skill or through your mental skill. It is an element of chance which plays a huge role in determining the outcome.

  • Is playing craps is an illegal gambling business?

    Playing craps is more a game of skill instead of game of chance, so the game operators should not be prosecuted under any federal law which interdict casino an illegal gambling business.

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