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It is not easy to reach the top sites to play craps with the rising number of online casinos, especially for the new players. With HeretoGamble you can enjoy your favorite craps game like never before. All of the casinos listed here offer a list of craps casinos and are tested & reviewed to provide you the most pleasurable & safe online casino experience!

The main objective behind this page is to help the craps players reach the top craps casino for the best gaming experience. You can also enjoy many other perks: download free craps software, win online casino craps free spins, free welcome bonuses to new players and lot more.

In order to be listed on HereToGamble, all casinos must meet the following criteria:

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  • Maintain 24 hr customer support.

  • Offer a safe, enjoyable & quality gaming experience.

What is Craps?

Craps Casino Game is the most exciting dice game which gets played by a single or multiple players. Crap gets played on the big casino table and it is one of the games which is very easy to play and also allows multiple players to win at the same time. However, one should know about the basic pass and don't pass bets to play the game more confidently and comfortably.

Craps Beginners Guide

Craps is one of the most exciting games in the casino played by enthusiasts of different ages. To learn how to play Craps, it will take you only ten minutes if you are really interested in learning. First of all, you have to feel comfortable with the craps table. Craps is a game of rounds. This is the most important thing you have to know. Online craps is all about the result of the dices roll. The shooter starts the game by tossing the dice on a craps table. There are three possibilities of a dice “behavior”. The shooter can win, lose, and can neither win nor loose, and in this case the game will continue for one or more rounds.

Craps game is getting played with two important bets, i.e. 'passline' and 'don't passline' bets. The first roll in a round is known as “The come out Roll” and sometimes this first roll can be the end of a round too

If the roll gets a 2,3,7,11 or 12 that represents the ending of that round. If another number comes (4,5,6,8,9 or 10) that number will be called “the point”.

If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 you win. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. If the shooter rolls any other number, that number becomes the “point number”.

Once that happens, the shooter places a marker that looks like a hockey puck on that number (Let us say 6) on the craps table. Now The shooter must now roll a 6 before he rolls a number 7. If he rolls 6 number, the passline bet wins and the shooter rolls again.

If the shooter rolls a 7 before the 6, the passline bet loses and the dice are passed to the next shooter.

The most important bet in the casino craps game is "The Craps PassLine". You can practice on the craps table for free before playing for real money. Just go through the list below and check out the free welcome bonuses and play per practice.

Types of Craps Bets

Craps is a game of dice, and is one of the easiest casino games for beginners. Craps has around 40 betting options, but players do not even need to know all the betting options before, simply check the list below to read about all of the different types of craps bets.

BetRisk Level
Pass Line BetLow
Don't Pass Line BetVery Low
Come BetLow
Don't Come BetVery Low
Place BetAverage
Place Bet To LoseLow
Buy BetAverage
Lay BetLow
Field BetHigh
Proposition Bets
Hardway BetsHigh
One Roll BetsVery High

Top Craps Casino Sites

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You also get to enjoy some unmatched customer services offered by the casino craps gambling online sites here and you can Contact them via the live chat feature or call them at the toll free number. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the security of your finances or personal information. These casino sites are powered by the latest and advanced gaming software. This page is updated frequently with the latest information about the casinos, the welcome bonuses offered, the reviews and detailed information on what each of them have to offer. we are sure you would like to bookmark us. So Start exploring and good luck!

Tip on Playing Craps #1: Learn Odds and Bets

Before you start playing online craps, be sure to go through all the information about bets and odds. When you start playing for real money, you should bet with the help of software and calculators that will advise you better pricing.

Tip on Playing Craps #2: Good Bets vs. Bad Bets

Yes, there are good and bad bets. Below is the payout ratio and the house advantage for the most common bets used in online craps.

Bet NameOdds PaidHouse Edge
Pass / Come01:011.41%
Don’t Pass /Don’t Come01:011.36%
Pass (Come)Odds2:1 on 4 or 100%
3:2 on 5 or 9
6:5 on 6 or 8
Don’t Pass (Come) Odds1:2 against 4 or 100%
2:3 against 5 or 9
5:6 against 6 or 8
Yo (11)15:0111.11%
Any 74:116.67%
Field1:1 on 3, 4, 9, 10 or 115.56%
2:1 on 2 and 12
Hard way 4 / Hard way 1007:0111.11%
Hard way 6 / Hard way09:019.09%
Big 601:019.09%
Big 801:019.09%
Place 4 / Place 1009:056.67%
Place 6 / Place 807:061.52%
Buy 4 / Buy 102:1 - 5% of bet4.76%
Buy 5 / Buy 9 3:2 - 5% of bet4.76%
Buy 6 / Buy 86:5 - 5% of bet4.76%
Lay 4 / Lay 101:2 - 5% of win2.44%
Lay 5 / Lay 92:3 - 5% of win3.23%
Lay 6 / Lay 85:6 - 5% win4.00%

Odds list from

The house advantage on Best craps bets ranges from 0% to 6.67%. and The house advantage on worst craps bets ranges from 9.09% to 16.67%.

Tip on Playing Craps #3: A Good Start is a Half of the Battle

Try to minimize your risk, make only “good” bets. It is useful to divide your betting bankroll on units. If you win, you win one unit, next time you should bet two units, and etc. If you lose, you should bet one unit less. This rule will help you to minimize your risk and to grow.

In general, once you master online craps, you can move forward – learn different craps strategies, craps systems. You can start playing craps tournaments and make everything possible to score a success.

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Final Words on Carps

Online craps is by no means one of the best casino games you have ever played. The craps odds are much more profitable if compared to other casino games. All of our Casinos listed are 100% legal and fully certified and with us you will find everything the online craps player needs in order to carry a profitable and perfect gaming experience. We will be glad to guide you to the world of online craps and also provides the option to subscribe to our news and exclusive promotions. So start playing this popular table game today in a protected environment and Enjoy!

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