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Welcome to the HeretoGamble Bitcoin Casinos section: your updated source of information on everything you want to know about Bitcoin casino gambling. Below is a list of online casinos that offer bitcoin as a banking method.

Here we show you the best welcome bonuses offers, the reviews, detailed information, coolest casino games to play, fabulous sports betting and more than realistic hot live dealer action! Enjoy hundreds of exciting games, mega progressive jackpots better than any other bitcoin gambling website!

Here you will find the best Bitcoin casino, based on very strict criteria. All the casinos which are listed on this page were reviewed in the last 12 months, so go ahead and select your online casino.

What is BitCoin?

BitCoin is an electronic currency and not a type of currency you are going to carry around in your wallet. An Electronic BitCoin wallet can be created in minutes, which includes a key and anyone that knows your key can send you money in an instant. Only you can spend the money as a password is needed to access the funds.

The BitCoin currency is gaining rapid momentum and quickly becoming the preferred choice for online gambling websites. Gambling in a Bitcoin casino has many advantages: transactions are processed quickly and anonymously, there are no chargebacks and the player doesn’t have to worry about taxes. Furthermore, no matter which part of the world you are in, you can bet and receive massive offers with Bit Coins! It's instant, simple and currently there are either no fees, or very low fees within Bitcoin payments.

How to get bitcoins?

How do I get bitcoins is one of the most commonly asked questions by new users? Although the process may seem confusing at first but it is not as difficult. First, get yourself a bitcoin wallet by signing up at one of the leading companies that offer this service. Signing up for a bitcoins wallet usually takes only 5-10 minutes, because you only need to add username, contact email address and password. Once you have created a bitcoin wallet login, you will be able to receive payments using the Bitcoin address provided by your wallet supplier.

To make payments at online casinos, you’ll have to buy some Bitcoins first. Buying Bitcoins can be done in several different ways and within minutes you’ll receive the funds on the provided address and you are ready to play. To buy bitcoins online follow these simple steps:

  • Find a Bitcoin exchange/wallet

  • Buy bitcoins by exchanging your local currency, like the U.S. dollar or euro, for bitcoin

  • Transfer the bitcoins to your wallet.

Popular Bitcoin Casino Games

The listed casinos below, features popular 3D slots games as well as traditional games like blackjack and poker and many more. We also list the LIVE dealer’s casinos including Live Hold'em Poker and Live Craps. In total we have more than 50+ bitcoin casino games. You won’t find the same amount of games anywhere else. Try your luck here with High Payouts and Winning Percentages. Play your favorite casino games and Go for the big Jackpots and cash out whenever you want.

We guarantee accuracy and excellent customer service!

Most of the online casinos are very unprofessional when it comes to customer service. We understand how important it is to help each and every customer. For efficient and quick responses to all queries, questions, complaints, and compliments that you may have, you can reach us via E-mail, or simply fill the form here. We can also be reached via social media. Click here for support.

Start playing the Bitcoin casino games and have a blast winning with Here To Gamble!

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