Live Poker Vs Online Poker

What are the crucial difference between Live Poker and Online Poker?

Online Poker or Live Poker?

Are you confused between both types?

The answer to your roller coaster question is explained below.

The rules of playing poker online or at some physical casino are completely the same which makes the player comfortable in both the environments. Each player has their own preference for playing the casino game. Some players prefer to play online while some prefer to play at a physical casino.

However, both the games have some major differences, when it comes to playing equipment, dynamics and even the existing information.

Below, we’ll break down the major differences between the live poker and online poker. Let’s look at the major differences.

Size of Gameplay

Playing at live casino can be a bore sometimes, if you are not able to get 25-30 hands to play the game in an hour. Whereas, playing casino online is quite interesting and exciting. A player can easily play approximately 60 hands per hour. And this happens, because the cards get shuffled instantly and the next deal get started within a very short interval of time. Also, if you are playing online at the multiple number of tables, then a player can simply play 200 hands within an hour.

However, the problem which comes across while playing at live casino is, a player cannot play at multiple tables and the history of the particular hand also doesn’t get saved. This somehow increases the uniformity and reduces the chances of growing your pot.

“Faster the game- More you will enjoy”

Comfort and Convenience

Experiencing an online casino game is a great feeling where the player doesn’t need to drive long to the casino, or walk long to take the public transport to reach at the casino. Further, a player does not need to wait for the casino game to play, and also does not need to worry about carrying huge amount of cash to or from the casino. Players can simply enjoy the game sitting on their couch in front of the computer, log in, and play the game with more ease.

When you go to some casino you need to get dressed and ready and interact with the people. Whereas, when you are playing at home you don’t need to do any of those things. Actually, you can do many other things together while playing. You can easily do your household work like making dinner, phone interactions, can write articles, etc. Others prefer to watch television, pay attention to music, commute to work, or even play in a home game while logged on. Having the poker game on your screen offers you to carry your life by still being a part of the game.

“Play Online with more comfort and convenience”

Bet Sizes

Moving between live games and online games, there is a difference in players’ bet size. The online bet sizes have a tendency to 2.5-3.5x BB whereas it’s more common to see bets up to X7 BB at live casino. Also the win rate is considerably slower at live casinos, and players have to bet bigger to maximize the winning rate. Coincidently, it is also more common to loose phone calls in the live casino.

“Play from minimum to maximum bet size online”

Learning the Game

Playing poker is not everyone’s forte, so instead of wasting your time and money, you can learn the game by opting the free online versions. A player can easily register on the poker rooms for free and start playing the demo versions without any cost.

In case if you are a weak player, free online poker games will sharpen your skills by pointing out your mistakes. But, this doesn’t happen in live casinos. A player can never learn about the game at a physical casino and will not get the chance ever to play free versions of the game.

“Understand the game and win big”


The another biggest difference is the ambience. Online poker can be played from anywhere in the world, but to play offline, a player has to travel to some land based casino.

Playing at physical casino involves a lot of noise and distraction. The players who like this kind of energetic atmosphere will chose a physical casino as their first choice. On the flip side, if you like to play your game with more concentration and aim to win big, then, playing online is the best way to win big.

“Play with more focus to win big”


Whether you would like to play online poker or live poker, it is up to you; but just be sure you know the advantages and disadvantages of the two. You may even play both if you want to, because you might find things in online poker and enjoy, that you cannot find in live poker, and vice versa. It is always suggested that before you start playing in any of the arena, make sure that you adapt all these changes and then decide to participate.

Difference Between Live Poker and Online Poker

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