Pros and Cons of Playing Online at Bitcoin Casino

Pros and Cons of Playing Online at Bitcoin Casino

It is quite normal to feel that the enthusiasm for Bitcoin has been increasing day by day. Like other multi-currency, Bitcoin have a spectacular evolution in online casinos. Using the assets of the internet, network and technology, Bitcoin have presented an innovative look and have proven that, they are suitable for online gamblers.

Due to the popularity of Bitcoins in recent years, it has changed the face of online gambling and more and more casino and gambling sites have started accepting this digital currency. The opportunity to play with Bitcoin has some pros and cons and below we discuss the main Pros and Cons of Gambling at Bitcoin Casinos, so that you can make your mind to try these Bitcoins.

The Pros of Playing Online with Bitcoins

In our opinion, the following are the biggest advantages of Gambling at Bitcoin Casinos:

1. No fraudulence

Fraud is one of the biggest headache of players while transacting their wages online. Bitcoin makes use of peer to peer networking as well as cryptographic proofs in order to operate the system, and the system is being controlled by simply recording all the transactions on a block chain which is a public history record. This is the nature of the bitcoin protocol and also satisfies the players that Bitcoins combat fraud.

2. Transaction Speed

There are number of sites who limit the amount of transactions, because all these sites are connected with the banks and with the credit card companies, and all of them need to verify the transaction details. This process is quite annoying for the players because it takes too long to get verified. But, Bitcoin account holders can easily make unlimited transactions and Enjoy the freedom of big withdrawals and deposits in any time period.

3. Very less transaction fees

With Bitcoin, the things are easier, it is quite possible for the user to send and get money from anywhere in the world within a limited timeframe. As there is no involvement of government or of any other institution, the transaction fee is very less which is a major advantage for casino players. Additionally, it involves quick transfer of wages and eliminates the inconvenience for the player.

4. More privacy and security

In this online world, there are number of transactions done on daily basis. Similarly, we deposit our wages online to play online casino games. But, many of the players ignore the fact that whether the site is trustable or not. Thus, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are the two most secure ways to deposit your wages. These are the most secured form of payments with improvised technology and has been proven to be one of the most secure ways for transacting your wages.

5. Transparency and Anonymity

One of the best part of Bitcoins is that each and every transaction is posted publicly. The system of Bitcoin is designed to record all the transactions with all the relevant information, without revealing the identity of any player. Although, the players are allocated with some random usernames or with some numerical codes to identify the other users. Which means that, the transaction is fully anonymous and only the player and the site will know all the transaction details. Thus, there is no way to track the currency exchange of any player and this makes the protection even more stronger.

6. Fair Gaming Experience

The Bitcoin Casino games are fully audited and reviewed via Provably Fair Technology. It is the technology which ensures that the players are getting a fair gaming experience or not. With the Provably Fair Technology, both casino and the players cannot cheat the results and hence this allows the players, to be sure that the game is played safely and fairly.

The Cons of Playing Online with Bitcoins

1. Lack of understanding about How bitcoins works

The fact is that most of the players are still unaware of this digital currencies. These days, most of the casinos have started accepting Bitcoins, and to avail the benefits, it is important to educate the player as well as the staff to spread more information about the benefits of Bitcoin transactions.

2. No Chargebacks or Refunds

One of biggest drawbacks for Bitcoins is a lack of consistent policy for chargebacks or refunds, as all banks and credit card companies provide. Suppose, there is an online payments fraud while playing, you can’t even request a refund through Bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin is untraceable

Where anonymity is viewed as an advantage, it is somehow a drawback too. It can help the criminals to buy and sell the illegal products which cannot be traced. And, this can impact the popularity of the Bitcoin. Currently, Bitcoin is at growing stage and its features are being experimented. But, with the advancement in technology, its features will be polished and hope there will some solution to stop the criminal activities with Bitcoin.

4. Financial Risk

These days, Bitcoins are somewhere valuable because its demand is constantly increasing. As more bitcoins will be issued, we will see a slight drop in coming years. The exact price of the bitcoins never remains fixed and due to this the bitcoin players are always at a risk of losses when the price goes down.

5. Bitcoin License

There are casinos who accept the Bitcoin but do not hold the license issued by the jurisdiction. As, to get the license, it requires a lot of application fees, so usually some of the online casinos ignore to apply for the license. So, before a player start playing with Bitcoin, please make sure that you look for the license associated to the casino.


The popularity of bitcoin is increasing day by day. And due to the use of a digital medium, Bitcoins have the potential to become even more valuable than gold.
So, if you have decided to start with Bitcoin Gambling, then it is important for you to understand its importance and learn how to earn the profit from Bitcoins.


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