Online Sports Betting – Guide & Simple Sports Betting Tips in 2017

Everyone has heard of betting on sports. Whether it is at the horse race tracks, or online. Online Sports betting is popular and great fun for all. But if you are looking to enter the world of online sports betting, you’ll need some background information before betting. Being well informed in the world of gambling helps the person feel more confident while playing, resulting in them winning more.

Online betting is the easiest, with access right from your home at any hour of the day and you can bet easily bet on any sport via laptop, mobile or desktop.

Here’s a quick summary of this guide:

Introduction to Sports Betting

This section explains the basics of sports betting.

Important thing to consider when choosing an online sportsbook

This section is where you can learn how to choose the right online sportsbook to bet. These factors are key factors you should consider when choosing an online sportsbook

Types of Sports Betting

Here we explain the various types of sports betting.

Sports Betting Tips

This section is all about the sport betting tips which actually works.

if you are a beginner and want to get started right away, please check out below the most important things you HAVE to know!

Introduction to Sports Betting

Unlike playing slot games, Sports betting is not entirely dependent on luck and timing alone. In sportsbetting it is important to know and understand the rules of the game. The rules may vary from one game to another.
In sportsbetting, the main purpose of sports betting is to beat the Oddsmakers and win some money. You may not win every single time you place a bet, but a strong understanding of any game you are going to bet on is very important. Thorough knowledge of the rules will help you to try different strategies, or just polish the one you already have. This will only help you immensely in the long run.

Important thing to consider when choosing an online sportsbook

Phone Wagering option:
A phone wagering option should be there as in case the sportsbook is having website issues and you are away from home. In these cases, casino does allow wagering on any games for you.
Signup Bonus
Many sports betting casinos offer a signup bonus to attract you as a customer. A signup bonus is an excellent way to build your bankroll before you even placed your first wager! So do always check these bonuses in advance.
Top Notch Customer Service
Call the sportsbook Customer Service and ask them question. If they are rude or you can’t understand them, ignore signing up with the sportsbook, because If things are bad in the beginning they are sure to get worse when issues may arise or you need urgent help.
Fast No-Hassle Payouts
Every player wants to be paid when they win the game! If the website is offering fast, no-hassle payouts, move on to that site. There are some of the sites where you can get quick cash without any hassle within an hour.

Lastly, make sure the Online sports book offers many deposit and withdrawal options. This makes your sports betting experience a smooth one!

Types of Sports Betting

Sports betting is divided into 7 types, so a player can place their bet accordingly:

1. Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed Odd Betting is the most traditional form of sports betting which is familiar amongst most of the players. In simple terms, a player has to bet on the team or on an individual. If the player has bet on the right team or individual, then the player will get paid out accordingly. But, in case, if the outcome is not the same you choose, then you will get paid nothing and you will lose the bet.

2. Live/In betting

It’s been a few years that live betting has launched the bet and it is possible to play this bet online. In this Live betting, a player is allowed to place the bet on fixed odds during the sports event. This bet gives a plenty of leverage to the players to adjust their bets.

It will help the player in increasing their chance of winning the game and this makes the game more interesting. The benefit of live betting is this that you can sell your previously purchased bets and turn it into your profit. Thus, buying cheap and selling high, brings more winning and this type of betting is known as in-betting or interactive betting.

3. Exchange Betting

Exchange betting is an another development in the sports betting world that has gained huge popularity among the players, in a very small time of its release. Maximum players choose to play the exchange betting for most of their wagers. This bet is traditionally the same like other bets and the odds will also remain fixed while placing your bet but, the major difference is that there is no bookmarker involved. In simple terms, the player has to bet against the another player who is sitting opposite to you.

A betting exchange is platform for punters where the system allows the punters to bet against each other rather than with bookmarker. In simple terms in Exchange Betting you don’t have to bet against the bookmarker. Every punter can act as a bookmarker by setting odds or the customer by backing the odds, set by other punters.
Betting exchange offers two types of methods of placing the wagers, i.e.

Backing – In Backing, you can only pick the odds to wager on and if you think that the opposite player or team has the chance to win the game, then you must BACK them to win.

Laying – In laying, punters can play the role of a bookmaker and decide the odds to sell.

However, when all the wages get settled out, a small amount of commission will be kept by the exchange and the remaining sum will be given to the winner of the game.

4. Spread Betting

Spread betting is somewhere similar to the total betting or betting over/under. In this betting, a player has to guess a specific value, that either the value will be lower or higher than the amount marked by the bookmarker. For example,

Let’s take two numbers i.e.190 and 192, this is known as spread.
Now there are two options, either Buy the spread at 192 or sell it at 190. Also, keep in mind that here we are not doing fixed odd betting.

So, now, if a player has bought the spread at 192 for $10, and the outcome is over 192, then a player will win $10 spread for every point. i.e., if the total point scored is 195, then a player will win $30.And, if a player sells the spread at 190 for $10, and the outcome is under 190, then a player will win $10 spread i.e., if the total points scored is 185, then a player will win $50.

This is a great way of winning the stake many times.

On the contrary side, the possibility of losing also occurs.

If a player has bought the spread at 192 for $10, and the total outcome is under 192, then the player will lose $10 for every point below 192, i.e., if the total point scored is 185, then the player will lose$70.
Also, if a player sells the spread at 190 for $10, and the total outcome is over 190, then a player will lose $10 for every point over 190, i.e., if the total point scored is 195, then the player will lose$50.
So, always proceed with precaution and never take your bet lightly.

5. Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy Sports Betting is all about drafting a fantasy team consists of real players, and the team gets decided based on some certain specified criteria, and then the team enters in the contest or league and will play against the other drafted teams. Further, the teams will then earn points based on the gameplay which they have drafted by performing in “real life.”

For example, in fantasy basketball, the team will earn the points when a player will mark a score against the opposite team.

6. Pari-Mutuel Betting

The Pari-Mutuel betting is one of the oldest bets which was invented in the19th century. Pari-mutuel betting is very different and interesting form of sports betting with fixed odds. Pari-mutuel betting is placed in the horse racing but can also be used in other racing events too.
Pari-mutuel betting involves betting against other gamblers who are betting on the same event on which you have bet.

For example, there are two outcomes, i.e. outcome1 and outcome 2

Suppose, 50 people bet on outcome 1 and other 100 people bet on outcome 2

Then in case, the majority of players won on outcome 1, these $1500 will get divided into 50 people i.e. all the 50 players will get $30 each, And, in case, if the outcome 2 has majority of winnings, then the $1500 will be divided into 100 people, i.e., those 100 people will get $15.

7. E-sports Betting

E-sports betting is the new addition sports betting. This betting includes Electronic sports or professional video gaming.

However, video gaming is very popular these days just like other traditional sports. Most of the players has started playing online video games against the other players globally. And, this range of competition and popularity has increased the excitement between the players to play with more enthusiasm.

Online Sportsbook Tips

In the recent times people are interested in different type of gambling activities either for fun or to make money. Betting on sports have become the best way to make money in short span of time. Tips or tactics present in online sites are much beneficial for beginners and it is also helpful for experienced players to polish their skills in gambling. So here are some of the tips to follow.

Sports betting tip #1 Money Management

The first and important thing to remember by gamblers is the money they are investing on betting. Players must set a point not to bet more money that they cannot afford. It is important to separate money for betting and stick with that. If it is followed, then there will be no trouble for the players even if they lost the bet and lost the money.

Sports betting tip #2 Do your research

Another key point which is a stumbling block most of the times, is to find a better betting place. It is always important to do some research before signing up to an online sportsbook and follow it closely. Some important point to check like:

  • How is customer support?
  • How fast the payout process?
  • How many deposit and withdrawal options do they have?
  • What about the securıty and reliability

Sports betting tip #3 Find a good betting system

Find a betting system that works for you and one you can understand. Always take your time for selecting the right one. Look for systems that have testimonials reviews and have a proven track record, or even a money back guarantee.

Sports betting tip #4 Stay focused

Always stay focused, as in casino games the player has to learn to live with disappointment when he loses. But by staying focused to the task and the system you will overall profit. Remember, do your research, find a system and stay focused.

Sports betting tip #5 Place bet at Right Time

There is a timing up to which you can place your bets, and many players just don’t know about the right time and place bets at any time, which is most uncertain and the chances of taking bad decisions are maximum. This mistake is very common and costs good amount of money to the gamblers. If you don’t want to do this same mistake, it would be advisable that pick your right time.

Sports betting tip #6 Trust your judgement

There are friends and colleagues in your circle, who love to give you guidance and make predictions about your betting. Tips and suggestions from your friends are good at the time and there is nothing wrong with taking other suggestion, but try not to be too existed and easily influenced by them. It is important to have faith in your own abilities and believe in your own judgement.

Sports betting tip #7 Take regular breaks

Regular breaks form the game reduces the tiredness, stress, risk of losing your money and boredom and helps increase concentration level, improve focus and refresh you that help in making good decision.

Sports betting tip #8 Put your emotions off the betting zone

When you are into sports betting, the first task for any player will be to put the emotions off the betting zone. Don’t let the emotions take over your logical state and play a spoiler. Be at the best of your logical mind when choosing the system to bet on.

Sports betting tip #9 Safety.

Choosing a sportsbook with SSL encryption is a good idea. This secures all transactions and personal information.

Once you consider yourself to be prepared and ready for action, visit the Top Online Sports Book Casinos, where the best and most committed sports gambling sites are waiting for you. Hope you have found all the relevant information you required by visiting the Sports Betting Guide,

Online Sports Betting Guide

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