Fall is upon us

It is that time of year. Depending on where you live you can see it in the change of the colors, or feel it in the night time air. Some of us, particularly those of us that make our homes in the southern  parts of the  country are hoping the heat breaks soon, but we can take solace in the fact that it is now bearable instead of miserable.

Baseball is wrapping up, hockey and basketball are just getting started, and football is in full force. In the brand played mostly on Saturdays, we can watch the field beginning to form and make our best guess as to what 4 teams will be left standing in the end to fight it out for the crown. Maybe your team had an early injury and is out of the title chase, or they underperformed and cut their coach loose and are drifting about aimlessly like a rudderless ship. Maybe they showed some early promise but then came crashing down to earth or maybe they found themselves on the receiving end of a misunderstanding of a rule interpretation and watched their crystal dreams vanish, like a carriage at midnight. It is possible that your alma mater, or the collegiate team you have always supported is just not that good, and you just can’t understand what all the hoopla excitement that you constantly hear others talk about around the office place when they discuss the “big game” that occurred on a college campus over the weekend. Maybe your Saturdays are ok but on Sundays you find yourself totally disconnected from the remainder of the world. Injuries and inconsistent performance have taken all the shine and polish away from your fantasy team and you find yourself analyzing guys that you did not even know were on NFL rosters to see if they can possibly give you an edge in your big match-up this week in the office fantasy league. Something that is supposed to be an entertaining hobby and provide you enjoyment is destroying your passion for the game and making you a slave to the red zone channel.  The time has come for you to boldly claim your weekends again. It doesn’t matter where you attended college or which team you family has always rooted for on Saturdays, you can get pretty emotionally attached to a team on a week to week, game to game basis if you wish. We can help you find the team that will bring the passion and joy back to your Saturdays. We can also turn your Sundays back into what they were meant to be. It doesn’t matter if your team is rebuilding, or you fantasy team has been gutted, we make it easy for you to emotionally invest yourself in a new group every Sunday. Find your passion for watching games again, not just sitting around and hoping someone scores. Give us a chance at Here to Gamble. We would love nothing more than to help you bring passion back into your Saturdays and Sundays.

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