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Explore the Magic of Online Craps and Learn How to Play

We all know about dice games, considered to be as one of the most popular leisure activities by many. Dice games are actually the game of chance. And craps is probably the oldest of all dice games. Here we have discussed some of the simple steps to learn craps game.

What is online Craps?

Craps is one of the most popular casino table games among the players of different age groups and anyone can enjoy the game right from the comfort of their own home. With its growing prominence, different variants of craps were discovered by the casino lovers such as: Bank craps, Crapless craps, Die Rich craps, High Point craps, simplified craps and New York craps are some of the most popular craps all over the world. These are divided into 3 main categories – street craps casino craps and new addition in the list is Online Craps. Street craps is normally played in street by local people. Casino craps can be played in any casino around the corner. And after the establishment of World Wide Web, there has been a new addition in the list. Online craps is the latest, newest and most liked version of this entertaining dice game.

Online craps can be found in any online casinos. It is different from conventional craps in the way of playing. You have to play the game on the dice board or the layout presented online. Placing bets, rolling, clearing etc. are all performed just by clicking the mouse.

How to play online craps?

Playing craps around the street corner can be easy. But when you are playing online craps, you must understand few rules and strategies. These rules, charts, betting norms, points can, at first, seem a bit complicated. But as you start understanding and applying them while playing the game, you will start loving it.

If you are a novice in online craps, then do not hurry up. As craps is nothing but a game of chance, you must practice the strategy of making the most of the chance. Otherwise you will simply put your luck at risk as well as the chance of winning money. Here are some points every player should check before start playing:

Understand the layout

The very first step in learning how to play craps is getting familiar with the layout of craps table and recognizing every component of it. If you are not too confident about understanding the craps table all by yourself, get a help book or guidebook on beginner’s craps

Try out the free games

The rule of thumbs for playing any casino game is to try the free games at first and gain experience. The same rule goes for online craps. So before you start like a craps expert and bet with money, you can try your hands with the free games. You will get the chance to learn the steps, flaws, tricks and strategies as well and you don’t have to worry about money.

Understand the wagers’ types

You need to choose between the Pass Line bet or Don’t Pass bet. Does this sound confusing? Yes, craps is full of such bets and wagers. Pass line bet, don’t pass line bet, pass odds, don’t pass odds, come bet, don’t come bet, single roll bets, lay, fire bet etc. This Craps Beginners Guide should clear up any confusion.

Know the currencies

When you are including money in craps then currency is a point to consider about. Understand the conversion rate of the site’s currency and your country currency. Hold the casino funds in your own currency only while entering and leaving the game. Otherwise do not convert too often.

If you would like more information on wining tips to play Craps, check out blog post here.

Benefits of online craps

Now, you may have a question, why this online craps game is so popular than its other gambling games! Obviously, there are some benefits of playing craps online which you cannot expect in public casinos:

Feel at home

You can perfectly enjoy a holiday at home and still play craps just by switching on your computer.

Multiple options

Thousands of options are available online. Just pick a suitable one and your work is done. That is not possible physically or mentally in land based casinos.


In Today’s time privacy is one of the major concerns for majority of players while playing at any casino. Online carps maintain their player’s privacy, and this is not at all possible in case of land based casinos.

Attractive bonuses

This is something you cannot miss out. Most of the online casino sites offer these attractive bonuses which make the game more interesting. It is difficult to grab any bonuses in land based casinos, whereas with online casinos you can avail attractive bonuses. All these bonuses are offered for new as well as existing players.

Money guarantee

You don’t have to carry hard cash in the streets of Las Vegas. Have the pleasure of using plastic money which making transaction in online craps.

Practice and learn

In a land based casino, there is no time to learn the game. Once you enter the casino, they want you to start playing soon. But in an Online casino you can take time to learn the game first and practice the game for free. You can also take help from the informational guides and can always get in touch with customer service through live chat to learn the game or any issue related to craps.

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