Online Bonuses Guide for Casino Players

Complete Online Bonuses Guide for Casino Players

There are a great number of online casinos bonuses available today to attract a lot of players. There are different casino bonus types offered at online casinos today. These bonuses are a great way to begin online gambling. If you are new to online casinos and like to know about different online casino bonus types, then you are at the right place.

We provide you here with the most accurate and updated information on casino online bonus types. With our resources, you are sure to get knowledge about all the types of casino bonus. We can simply say that these bonuses are the incentives offered to attract new players at casinos. The different types of online casino bonus can generally become the major criteria for players in deciding or choosing a casino online to play at. We now have various casino bonuses. All types of online casino bonus have their own particular advantages and conditions. So it is essential to understand about these bonuses before accepting any bonus at online casinos. Check out below and know useful details on casino bonus types online.

1. Welcome Bonus

One of the most popular casino bonus types offered at all the casinos online is Welcome Bonus. Let’s find out what exactly is sign up casino bonus.
As the name suggests – “Welcome Bonus” is a form of bonus which is offered to the new players when a player signs-up in an online casino sites and makes his or her first deposit, the casino sites will give the player a casino online sign up bonus. However, the amount of bonus varies from one casino to another. it is also called as a Signup bonus, new player bonus or first deposit bonus.
A player can easily claim the welcome bonus after depositing their first deposit in their account, this means that a player has to spend a certain amount of wages in their account to claim for the additional deposit bonus. And a player can claim it by using a certain code which is mentioned by the casino or some other way to claim it.
For example, the casinos offer welcome bonus of 50% up to $100, which means that if you deposit $100 in your online casino account, the casino will add up another $50 and you will have $150 in your bankroll.
Similarly, there are casinos who offer 100%, 200% or even more than this. But, one thing which is required to keep in mind is, that if any casino is offering 200% sign up bonus, then make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions because such high percentage of amount comes with lot of restrictions when it comes to withdrawing your bonus. Enjoy sign up bonuses at and have fun gambling online.

2. No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses online are actually free money given to the players by the online casinos to try out their casino games without having to deposit any money. It simply doesn’t cost you anything. Casino no deposit bonuses give you the opportunity to try out new games that you will be wary about betting online with real money. The no deposit bonus is probably in between $5 to $50. And a player has to simply signup for a casino who is offering this bonus and try out the casino games, transactions methods, software and many more to build the trust on the casino. No deposit bonuses online have different categories, these includes – bonus for registration, bonus for the vote, bonus ‘tell a friend’ or ‘refer a friend bonus and bonus casino play time. These bonuses have become more and more popular these days and you can grab the no deposit bonus by clicking here.

3. Free Spins

Free spins are yet another exciting bonus which gives you chance to play some extra spins. There are some of the casinos that includes free spins as a part of their welcome package but it is not compulsory that it is always included. Sometimes, the casinos offer the players free spins separately to make the players more engaged.

These free spins help you in playing online pokies games like blackjack, roulette and many more. If you would like to learn more about free spins, check out our free spins page and some exclusive Free Spins that you will not find anywhere else.

4. High Roller Bonus

These casino bonus types are considered to the biggest casino bonuses offered at online casinos. To claim these high roller bonuses, players need to generally deposit more than thousand dollars into their casino real account. These bonuses are for those players who are willing to wager large as well as take risks. Such players who make high deposits are known as High Rollers or VIP’s, and are given the high range bonuses for their high deposits.

For example, if there is a bonus of 100% on $2000 deposit, then the casino will add another $2000 in your bankroll.

From the above example, it is fully clear that, the high roller bonus requires big range of deposit and experienced players who can get the actual benefit of it. Grab your High Roller Bonus here

5. Monthly Bonuses

One of the casino bonus types which are quite popular among the gamblers is monthly bonuses. These types of casino bonuses are given to the players on a regular basis, generally per month. This means you are offered bonus every month. Almost all the casino sites now have monthly bonuses online; you can simply enjoy monthly bonuses every single month at these casino sites. Before adopting these bonuses, you should check out all the terms and conditions regarding monthly bonuses online.

6. Refer – A – Friend- Bonus

One of the most beneficial casino bonus types is Refer a Friend bonus, but these days it is not very commonly offered. This kind of casino bonus is quite popular and common in all the casinos online. By offering online Refer a Friend bonus, casinos try to remind and encourage their players to refer their friends. If they encourage a friend to join the casino, then they will get casino Refer a Friend bonus. But the amount of money or bonus vary from one casino to another casino, some may offer large incentives while some may offer only small incentives.


All the above mentioned bonuses are beneficial for new casino players. These bonuses help the players to keep playing their game with more enthusiasm of winning the game.

Before you start playing at any random online casino, make sure that you give a look at all the bonuses offered and also read out all the terms and conditions, so that you don’t get any trouble while depositing or withdrawing your wages.

Hopefully, this guide will help you with all your queries related to the bonuses offered by the virtual gaming world.


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