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Bitcoin Gambling for Beginners

Bitcoin Gambling for Beginners – Basics Info & Benefits

If you are not familiar with the term ‘Bitcoin’, then you should first know that Bitcoin is the most popular currency among all Cryptocurrencies and casinos that accept Bitcoin as their deposit method are generally termed as Bitcoin casinos.

In recent times, Bitcoin has brought a revolution in online gaming and gambling and more and more online casinos are now introducing Bitcoin as their deposit method. Depositing through Bitcoin is just like in the real money casinos. In real money casinos you pay or deposit through your bank account or credit / debit card but in Bitcoin casinos you will have to deposit through your Bitcoin wallet.

Benefits of Bitcoin casinos

Being a virtual currency Bitcoin is not controlled by any central agency or government which has made it a perfect choice for online gambling and gaming. One of the major benefits of Bitcoin casino is that Bitcoin is incredibly fast. Whereas a normal financial transaction takes days to weeks, Bitcoin transaction takes only a few hours or even minutes to be transacted.

Bitcoin transaction is completely secure for both gamblers and online casinos. As Bitcoin is stored and transacted electronically, you can easily track your payouts, current balance and other information from any smart device on which the proper software is installed. The mining process of Bitcoin is so complex that it is literally impossible to hack the system and therefore banking with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies is completely safe and secured.

As we are going through the growth phase of Bitcoin as an online deposit method in casinos, it is quite obvious that all those online casinos that are accepting Bitcoin or getting prepared will offer different promotional bonuses and benefits which you can easily enjoy by getting started with online Bitcoin casinos right now.

Another advantage of betting with Bitcoin casinos is that it ensures anonymity and you will always remain anonymous when betting on Bitcoin online casinos. No one will even know how much you spent, how big your bet is and where from you are betting on. So, this is a great feature for all those who want to keep their gaming a secret.

Betting on online Bitcoin casinos is also completely legal. Countries like United States strictly forbids fund transfer for online gambling but Bitcoin transaction successfully bypasses this law and makes online casino gaming available for USA citizens also. Through regulations may be imposed by some online casinos but still you are subject to little to no restriction. Another advantage is that Bitcoin transaction is cost efficient and also helps you avoiding bank charges and processing fees.

FAQ for Bitcoin Casino

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when playing casino games with bitcoin.

1. What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open-source digital currency or cryptocurrency. There are some casinos who only allow to transact the wages in Bitcoins. It is a currency that is created by “mining”, which involves computers solving the mathematical equations to increase or decrease the amount of processing power.

2. How and where do I purchase Bitcoins to Gamble?

Bitcoins play a very vital role in the world of gambling. The popularity of this cryptocurrency Bitcoin has ensured that many people have now taken the possession of Bitcoins via a Digital wallet that that stores the Bitcoin funds. So, if you are looking to purchase Bitcoins either for gambling or for any other purpose, then there are number of online places that allows you to sell or purchase the Bitcoins, e.g., BitStamp, BTC-e, Kraken, Xapo, Localbitcoins, ICE3X and Coinbase.

3. Is Bitcoin Gambling legal?

Just like other flat currencies e.g., pounds, euros, dollars, gambling with bitcoins is also fully legal. Bitcoin gambling does not come under a different kind of legislation; it is considered as a mode of payment for gambling.

4. Is Bitcoin Gambling proven fair?

There are number of casinos who try to cheat the players by using some tricks. So, it is always recommended to read about the casino before you sign up. To identify that the Bitcoin casino is provably fair, make sure to have a look at the results generated by the casino by recording the hash function that you input to the bitcoin casino games. This is one of the scientific method to analyze if the casino is fair or not.

5. Does bitcoin bet and payment recorded?

Yes, all the bitcoin bet and payments get recorded by the bitcoin casinos in the blockchain.

6. Do I need to share my personal details while gambling with Bitcoins?

No, there is no need of sharing your personal information while gambling with Bitcoins. But, it is mandatory to share your email id so that you can get all the regular updates about the cryptocurrency.

7. What is Bitcoin Wallet?

A Bitcoin Wallet is equivalent to a bank account. This wallet allows you to receive the bitcoins to store them or can send them to others. However, there are two types of wallets, one is software wallet which is easy to install on your computer or on your mobile device. While using software wallet, it is easy to keep the control of your coins but sometimes it may be tricky to maintain or install the wallet. Whereas, another wallet is the web wallet, that is hosted by the third party. This wallet is much easier to use but while using this wallet you need to trust the provider who are protecting your coins with high level of security.

8. How and from where I can get free Bitcoins?

To get some free Bitcoins, you need to create your own Bitcoin address. You will find number of Bitcoin wallets available like, CCN.LA, bitcoin drips and many more. So make sure that you opt the appropriate one. Once your Bitcoin will start working, then you will start getting free bitcoins online in your wallet. Also, you can try signing up at different Bitcoin faucets because it is a platform that promises to reward free Bitcoin credits.

9. Are US players allowed?

Yes, there are number of US friendly bitcoin casino that offer gambling services to the US prohibit ants to play through Bitcoin currency. But US players need to check the terms and conditions for any bitcoin casino before they start playing.

10. How do I deposit Bitcoins from Bitcoin casino?

Once you have signed up an account at any bitcoin casino, then you can easily deposit your bitcoins. Further, you will be given a string, which is your receiver ID of your casino account. Then go to your Wallet and click the button – “Send Bitcoin” and there you need to enter the string as a recipient. Once you click send, your transaction would be done instantly. Then within few seconds, your casino will get your deposit and you can start playing your game.

11. How do I withdraw Bitcoins from Bitcoin casino?

It is very easy to withdraw your Bitcoins. Go the cashier tan and click the withdraw button. Next, you need to fill up two mandatory fields, i.e., Recipient ID and the amount you want to withdraw. Once, you filled up these two fields, you can click on “Withdraw” button and the transaction will be done with few seconds.

12. How long it will take to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins?

Deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoins doesn’t take much time. IF your transaction amount is smaller, then it just takes few seconds to receive the amount if your account is ready to use. But, in case, if your transaction amount is larger, then it may take 2-10 hours to get the amount in your wallet.

13. Is there any software to download for Bitcoin Gambling?

This fully depends on how you want to play. In case, if you want to play on your laptop or computer, you need to download and install the software on your computer. Or, in case, if you want to use the web based wallet service, then there is no need to download or install the software. You can easily use your wallet via supported browsers. Also, there are some bitcoin casinos that require that their client download or install the respective software on your computer or laptop to play their game.

14. Do bitcoin casinos offer free some free Bitcoins?

Yes, there are some of the Bitcoin Casinos, who offer free bitcoins to their players, especially to their new players, when they register with the casino. Such bonuses and offers are promotional and to get such offers, some of the terms and conditions are also applicable.

15. What shall I do if I lose my connection in between?

In case, if you lose your connection with the gaming servers, then you no need to worry. You will be able to start playing your game from the point where the game has lost the connection.

16. What are the minimum bitcoin deposits and withdrawal amount?

Minimum deposit amount – 0.001 BTC
Minimum withdrawal amount – 0.001 BTC

17. What are the maximum bitcoin deposits and withdrawal amount?

There is no maximum deposit amount and no withdrawal amount.

18. Why gambling at Bitcoin Casinos is better than other traditional casinos?

• Fast Deposits & withdrawals
• No extra charges to transact the bitcoins
• Easy to control and secure the funds
• No requirement of sharing your personal details

19. To gamble with Bitcoins, do I need to have a credit account or bank account?

No, it is not necessary to have credit account or bank account. You can easily play through bitcoin transactions and it is free of charge.

20. Are Bitcoin casinos licensed?

There are number of online bitcoin casinos that are not regulated, but majority of the casinos are fully regulated and licensed under the respective jurisdiction. So, it is important that you get all the information about the bitcoin casino where you are interested in playing .

21. Do bitcoin applications work on Mobile devices?

Yes, there are number of Bitcoin applications that are fully compatible with the latest smartphones, either Android, iphone or others. You can easily install the respective application of the bitcoin casino from the Google or Apple store.

22. What is BTC, mBTC and uBTC?

BTC – Bitcoin Currency
mBTC – Milli Bitcoin (Thousandth part of BTC)
uBTC – Micro Bitcoin (Millionath part of BTC)

Make Money with Online Poker Bonuses

Make Money with Online Poker Bonuses – Learn How

If you are a passionate poker lover and if you are regular at online casinos then make the most of your passion for poker through online poker bonuses. You may have noticed that most of the poker sites offer a start-up bonus to attract new visitors. There is a subtle marketing strategy here; no one wants to risk his money with a new poker site. But if the new site offers free money or bonus which you can use while playing for the very first time, you will feel comfortable with that site and thus, you will become a regular at that particular site. Now, to convince the newbie a little more, some of the sites even offer the luxury of playing with free bonuses and win real money.

That’s the catch. Newbie poker enthusiasts can actually make a lot of money trying those start- up online poker bonuses. But the casino sites are not doing philanthropy either, hence there is a trick. These start-up bonuses can only be availed only after reaching a point or hands. Or else, every next person visiting new sites will become billionaire soon and the site owners will face bankruptcy. So in order to utilize these bonuses you need to understand the pros and cons first.

1. Learn the rules of that site

The first and foremost task you must perform to reap the benefits of online poker bonuses is to understanding the rules and regulations of a particular poker website. There is no universal rule; hence every site may vary upon the game rules. Learn what their policy is of redeeming the start-up bonus because may be you will get a grand welcome message upon entering the site offering you a lucrative $200 free bonus money. But the moment you will progress, new terms of crossing hurdles will appear. So clear this point first. If you are eligible for the bonus only after playing a number of raked hands then consider this point.

2. Played until you reach the rank

Your fate with online poker bonuses is already determined by the poker sites. Until and unless you reach that pre-defined certain level, you cannot win your fortune. Hence play up to that level. If it’s about playing a number of hands or tournaments and reaching a point level then do that. And once you start your journey, don’t lose your heart mid-way.

3. Reach the position within the given time

Time is the next factor you should keep in mind. Poker sites offer this beginners’ bonus for a limited time period, say a couple of months after which the bonuses will be invalid. So either it’s about playing cash hands or a certain number of tournaments, complete the tasks within the given time limit. Or else the fortune will slip out of your hand.

4. Clear a bonus

Your ultimate target is to clear the free online poker bonuses. While reaching the time in a stipulated time frame can ensure you the bonus. But remember, all these bonuses are given to the winners only. This is a point which you must not miss out. If you complete all the tasks like reaching the hands limit within given time frame, but ultimately lose out or score poor points, the bonuses will not be yours. Hence you must win the bets or tournaments. It’s sad but true that this world does not welcome the underachievers with open arms.

5. Don’t lose your brain

So you win the game and click the online poker bonuses at different sites. Your bankroll shows a huge amount as free gift. And you are on cloud nine. This success may turn your head and you will start placing bigger bets or playing at a higher level. No! Don’t do that! Keep your calm and play with balanced head. Your aim should be to double your profit by using the free online poker bonuses in the best way.

6. Build a Great Image for Yourself

Ever noticed how lucky professional gamblers are? This is because they have discovered how easily their image can affect their gameplay and influence luck to take their side. How you look while playing, the way you talk, what you say, and how you play are very important aspects which help players build their images and put their opponents in doubt of their own skills.

7. Stay Sober While Playing

If you are gambling with friends and playing poker for fun, then you can have a beer or an alcoholic drink to heighten your senses and lighten the mood. However, steer away from alcohol if you are sitting opposite another player in a big, busy casino. Alcoholic drinks can force you to lose focus and ultimately your hard-earned money. Yet, if a shot helps you gain your senses, indulge in one or two as long as they don’t cloud your judgment.

8. Use Your Bluff in a Logical Way

Like the shepherd who screamed ‘wolf’, many novice gamblers tend to say ‘bluff’ even where there isn’t a need for it. Though bluff is part of the game, it works perfectly only in certain situations. So, always use your senses and thinking a few times before taking any step in poker.

9. Keep Your Eyes Open

While sitting at the poker table, think as if you have more than two eyes. It may sound stupid, but it will help you become more focused on the cards on the table and the moves of other players. Focusing is the key to winning Lady Luck over and ensuring that she helps you win.

10. Expect Only Good Your Way

In order to become lucky, you need to think that you’re capable of being so. Even if the whole world has deduced that you’re as unlucky, you can’t afford to think that way while playing Poker. So, look at your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself over and over that you’re the most handsome/beautiful gambler in this casino winning world. A little positive thinking never hurt anyone and it can definitely do volumes for you while playing poker.

So, go to your favorite casino with these tips and make luck shine brightest on you.

Craps System Tips

Craps System – 14 Tips to Increase Your Edge

Majority of gambling experts differentiate ‘craps strategies’ from ‘ craps systems’. Craps strategies are considered to be suggestions for styles of play or good bankroll management. At the same time, craps system is a methodical routine that tells you exactly how to play. The aim of both are supposedly the same, they want you to make more money, but those selling a system often try to convince you that this exact method will swing the odds into your favor and let you win in the long run. Unfortunately, such a craps system simply does not exist. Craps is a negative expectation game, which means it is mathematically unbeatable in the long run, which means anyone selling a system to you is flat out lying.

Anyone telling you that you can win consistently or beat the house is just trying to trick you. There certainly is a craps system or two out there that will let you win 6 times out of 7, it’s just that the 7th time you end up losing more than your cumulative wins over the first six. There is no magic formula, and people selling systems are just trying to make a quick buck. If their system worked, they would be guarding it like gold and making a fortune playing for themselves. They would also be breaking the laws of mathematics, so more power to them if they manage that feat.

Most every craps system takes advantage of the million bets available on the table, and form a hedge. Hedging your bets means to cover one bet with another. Say you were playing roulette and betting 10 bucks on red. If you also placed 5 bucks on black, you would be hedging your original bet, ensuring that it doesn’t lose completely. There is obvious false logic in such a simple example, but the examples don’t always stay simple, especially in craps.

As you can clearly see, craps is a chance game yet following certain important tips can enable you to neutralize the house edge, therefore improving your winning chances.

1. Know the rules

What to do before you arrive at the table, especially a busy one. Craps has a language all its own. For example, “Two way you” is craps slang for a bet on 11 in which half is for the player and half is a bet for the dealers.

2. Systems can’t beat a house edge.

No system can overcome a house edge. You can minimize your losses by playing wisely on games of skill, but systems make no difference to games of pure chance like roulette. Those who use systems in roulette are fooling themselves. Don’t believe otherwise. Expect to lose in the long run.

3. Winning streaks and losing streaks can happen by chance

When you toss a coin fairly you will get an even number of heads and tails in the long run. Every now and then you will get a run of four or five heads or tails, just by chance. After all, every time you toss there is a 50:50 chance of a head or tail coming down – and this doesn’t change depending on what the tosses before have been. If runs of 4 or 5 heads happen, it also means that runs of 10 or even 20 can and will happen. Not very often at all, but they will happen.

4. Beware the gamblers fallacy.

As it has been mentioned, the chance of a head or tail coming down change depending on what the tosses before have been. In the coin tossing example, a head or tail is no more likely after a head or a run of 10 tails. Remember this.

An event (like a number coming up in roulette) is no more or less likely if it has not happened for a long time. Thinking that something is more likely to happen if it has not happened for a long time is called the gamblers fallacy.

5. Set limits and keep records.

For gambling to remain fun, you need to know that you are not spending more than you can afford. Gambling operators are trying their hardest to get you to play for as long as possible – so it is very easy for you to spend more than you can afford.

Setting a limit for your turnover (or losses, if that is easier) and keeping records help you to know how much you are spending. Use the gambling diary to keep track of your wins and losses.

6. Do not increase your bets when losing.

Some gamblers believe that you can recover your losses by doubling your bet every time you lose. This is known as the Martingale system. The idea is that when you win, the win will be big enough to cover your previous losses. There are some problems with this system – you may run out of money before you win.

7. You may run out of money before you win.

You can only double your bet so many times because of table limits, and so occasionally you will hit the table limit before winning – and this will be very expensive.

8. Tip the dealers.

As in all games you should tip the dealers, especially if they are being especially helpful. When you tip don’t make a bet for the dealers on a sucker bet as most players do. Personally I will toss them a tip and say “for the table.” The dealers will appreciate that you’re not wasting their tip on a bet with a high house edge.

9. Playing against the dice.

You may want to avoid the don’t pass and don’t come bets early in your craps career, as those bets are ‘against the dice’ and therefore you are betting the opposite of most players. Players are superstitious and may not like you very much if you keep it up.

10. Standing bets.

Pay attention to any bets you leave standing. When you are paid for these bets, it’s your own responsibility to take your winnings off of the table layout, or they may be considered bets for the next roll. Nice dealers will remind you, especially if you’re somebody who likes to: Tip the dealers! It’s not just karma, they may be more likely to remind you of things and help you make the smart bets.

11. Free craps lessons.

If you’re at a land based casino, sign up for a free craps lesson. Most casinos offer an introductory course in the game for no cost.

12. Don’t play proposition bets with any consistency.

All of the center bets have a high house edge, and it’s pretty much the dealers’ job to ask around the table to see if anyone wants to lay a hard way down before a roll. Don’t listen to the dealers at this point, only listen to them if they are giving you specific advice.

13. Heavily weigh your weights to the odds.

If you’ve got money down on the table, a good portion of it should be on free odds bets, as these are the only ones which are unbiased.

14. Pay attention to your bankroll

Try to play with your winnings as much as possible. Craps is a negative expectation game so walking away up, however little, is definitely a win.

Mobile Sportsbooks - Do’s and Don'ts

Mobile Sportsbooks – Do’s and Don’ts

Back in the days, you had to go all the way to the local betting shop in order to place sports bet. Things have changed now and you can place a bet from the comfort of your home and this highly competitive industry keeps on bringing new innovations and the latest thing is to place a bet from a new platform – from your mobile phone. Mobile sports betting is a good way for you to start placing bets from virtually anywhere even during the moments when you are on the go and you don’t have any computer close to you. Mobile sports betting is definitely a great thing and in this post, we list a clear overview of mobile sports betting.
The number one thing that you should take into consideration is the fact that you are given the chance to place the bets from anywhere. The fact that you can place the bets from your mobile phone eases a lot the process since most people carry around their mobile phone everywhere they go and this means that you can start placing sport bets while you are stuck in traffic, or when you are watching the game at the local pub or when you watch the game live from the stadium or anywhere else you can think of. Most of the time all you need in order to start placing bets from your mobile phone is a WAP compatible phone and a working internet connection. Some of the most evolved mobile sportsbooks have created apps that are compatible with the Android phones and the iPhone.
Another thing that makes the mobile sports betting great is the fact that you get to find all the betting products that you can normally find at an online sportsbook on your mobile. This means that you get to have an extensive set of bets and sports on which you can place bets. At the same time the mobile sports betting is able to offer you the chance to access some of the best odds available out there. There will be no restriction imposed and you get to have the same services that you normally get from an online sports betting website, even if everything is happening straight from your mobile smart phone.
When a person sets out to join a mobile sportsbook site, they should do things, which will help them to achieve the best possible results. This is why it is a good idea for potential mobile sports bettors to know the dos and don’ts with regards to mobile sportsbooks. Some of the dos and don’ts are listed below so players can try to start off on the right foot as much as possible:

Mobile Sportsbook Do’s

New mobile sports bettors should think and plan through as much as possible. They should choose their mobile sportsbook carefully, making sure it is secure, has what they are looking for, is highly regarded in the industry, and has good customer support.
Bettors should also make sure they have a solid money management system in place. They need to take a realistic look at their finances and determine how much they can afford to wager. This can be difficult, but bettors need to know where to draw the line so they don’t find themselves in trouble financially.
Players will find that bonuses and other promotions can be a big help. They should try to obtain as many of them as they possibly can. However, it is important for players to also know how they need to clear the bonuses so they can get them as fast as possible.
Mobile sports bettors want to stick with what they know. It is always a good idea for players to learn slowly and take everything in before they dive right into making risky bets.
Players should make use of all the information which is available to them for free. They can find information on everything from choosing the best betting site to tips for placing bets. The more a player educates themselves, the better position they will be in for getting results they will be happy with.

Mobile Sportsbook Don’ts

A bettor should never blindly join a mobile sportsbook before at least checking it out a little bit first. While the industry is secure as far as the respected and reputable mobile sportsbooks out there go, players still need to use common sense and do a little research.
Mobile sports bettors should never get in over their head. They shouldn’t make last minute decisions before they have had a chance to think everything through and weigh the odds.
Players should never give out any personal or financial information to other players. This can be a very dangerous thing for players to do on many levels.
A mobile sports bettor never wants to count on a certain outcome. They must always remember that a bet is a bet and never a guarantee. Players who get ahead of themselves and think they can determine certain outcomes for a fact generally find themselves in trouble at some point.

Online Bonuses Guide for Casino Players

Complete Online Bonuses Guide for Casino Players

There are a great number of online casinos bonuses available today to attract a lot of players. There are different casino bonus types offered at online casinos today. These bonuses are a great way to begin online gambling. If you are new to online casinos and like to know about different online casino bonus types, then you are at the right place.

We provide you here with the most accurate and updated information on casino online bonus types. With our resources, you are sure to get knowledge about all the types of casino bonus. We can simply say that these bonuses are the incentives offered to attract new players at casinos. The different types of online casino bonus can generally become the major criteria for players in deciding or choosing a casino online to play at. We now have various casino bonuses. All types of online casino bonus have their own particular advantages and conditions. So it is essential to understand about these bonuses before accepting any bonus at online casinos. Check out below and know useful details on casino bonus types online.

1. Welcome Bonus

One of the most popular casino bonus types offered at all the casinos online is Welcome Bonus. Let’s find out what exactly is sign up casino bonus.
As the name suggests – “Welcome Bonus” is a form of bonus which is offered to the new players when a player signs-up in an online casino sites and makes his or her first deposit, the casino sites will give the player a casino online sign up bonus. However, the amount of bonus varies from one casino to another. it is also called as a Signup bonus, new player bonus or first deposit bonus.
A player can easily claim the welcome bonus after depositing their first deposit in their account, this means that a player has to spend a certain amount of wages in their account to claim for the additional deposit bonus. And a player can claim it by using a certain code which is mentioned by the casino or some other way to claim it.
For example, the casinos offer welcome bonus of 50% up to $100, which means that if you deposit $100 in your online casino account, the casino will add up another $50 and you will have $150 in your bankroll.
Similarly, there are casinos who offer 100%, 200% or even more than this. But, one thing which is required to keep in mind is, that if any casino is offering 200% sign up bonus, then make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions because such high percentage of amount comes with lot of restrictions when it comes to withdrawing your bonus. Enjoy sign up bonuses at and have fun gambling online.

2. No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses online are actually free money given to the players by the online casinos to try out their casino games without having to deposit any money. It simply doesn’t cost you anything. Casino no deposit bonuses give you the opportunity to try out new games that you will be wary about betting online with real money. The no deposit bonus is probably in between $5 to $50. And a player has to simply signup for a casino who is offering this bonus and try out the casino games, transactions methods, software and many more to build the trust on the casino. No deposit bonuses online have different categories, these includes – bonus for registration, bonus for the vote, bonus ‘tell a friend’ or ‘refer a friend bonus and bonus casino play time. These bonuses have become more and more popular these days and you can grab the no deposit bonus by clicking here.

3. Free Spins

Free spins are yet another exciting bonus which gives you chance to play some extra spins. There are some of the casinos that includes free spins as a part of their welcome package but it is not compulsory that it is always included. Sometimes, the casinos offer the players free spins separately to make the players more engaged.

These free spins help you in playing online pokies games like blackjack, roulette and many more. If you would like to learn more about free spins, check out our free spins page and some exclusive Free Spins that you will not find anywhere else.

4. High Roller Bonus

These casino bonus types are considered to the biggest casino bonuses offered at online casinos. To claim these high roller bonuses, players need to generally deposit more than thousand dollars into their casino real account. These bonuses are for those players who are willing to wager large as well as take risks. Such players who make high deposits are known as High Rollers or VIP’s, and are given the high range bonuses for their high deposits.

For example, if there is a bonus of 100% on $2000 deposit, then the casino will add another $2000 in your bankroll.

From the above example, it is fully clear that, the high roller bonus requires big range of deposit and experienced players who can get the actual benefit of it. Grab your High Roller Bonus here

5. Monthly Bonuses

One of the casino bonus types which are quite popular among the gamblers is monthly bonuses. These types of casino bonuses are given to the players on a regular basis, generally per month. This means you are offered bonus every month. Almost all the casino sites now have monthly bonuses online; you can simply enjoy monthly bonuses every single month at these casino sites. Before adopting these bonuses, you should check out all the terms and conditions regarding monthly bonuses online.

6. Refer – A – Friend- Bonus

One of the most beneficial casino bonus types is Refer a Friend bonus, but these days it is not very commonly offered. This kind of casino bonus is quite popular and common in all the casinos online. By offering online Refer a Friend bonus, casinos try to remind and encourage their players to refer their friends. If they encourage a friend to join the casino, then they will get casino Refer a Friend bonus. But the amount of money or bonus vary from one casino to another casino, some may offer large incentives while some may offer only small incentives.


All the above mentioned bonuses are beneficial for new casino players. These bonuses help the players to keep playing their game with more enthusiasm of winning the game.

Before you start playing at any random online casino, make sure that you give a look at all the bonuses offered and also read out all the terms and conditions, so that you don’t get any trouble while depositing or withdrawing your wages.

Hopefully, this guide will help you with all your queries related to the bonuses offered by the virtual gaming world.


Pros and Cons of Playing Online at Bitcoin Casino

Pros and Cons of Playing Online at Bitcoin Casino

It is quite normal to feel that the enthusiasm for Bitcoin has been increasing day by day. Like other multi-currency, Bitcoin have a spectacular evolution in online casinos. Using the assets of the internet, network and technology, Bitcoin have presented an innovative look and have proven that, they are suitable for online gamblers.

Due to the popularity of Bitcoins in recent years, it has changed the face of online gambling and more and more casino and gambling sites have started accepting this digital currency. The opportunity to play with Bitcoin has some pros and cons and below we discuss the main Pros and Cons of Gambling at Bitcoin Casinos, so that you can make your mind to try these Bitcoins.

The Pros of Playing Online with Bitcoins

In our opinion, the following are the biggest advantages of Gambling at Bitcoin Casinos:

1. No fraudulence

Fraud is one of the biggest headache of players while transacting their wages online. Bitcoin makes use of peer to peer networking as well as cryptographic proofs in order to operate the system, and the system is being controlled by simply recording all the transactions on a block chain which is a public history record. This is the nature of the bitcoin protocol and also satisfies the players that Bitcoins combat fraud.

2. Transaction Speed

There are number of sites who limit the amount of transactions, because all these sites are connected with the banks and with the credit card companies, and all of them need to verify the transaction details. This process is quite annoying for the players because it takes too long to get verified. But, Bitcoin account holders can easily make unlimited transactions and Enjoy the freedom of big withdrawals and deposits in any time period.

3. Very less transaction fees

With Bitcoin, the things are easier, it is quite possible for the user to send and get money from anywhere in the world within a limited timeframe. As there is no involvement of government or of any other institution, the transaction fee is very less which is a major advantage for casino players. Additionally, it involves quick transfer of wages and eliminates the inconvenience for the player.

4. More privacy and security

In this online world, there are number of transactions done on daily basis. Similarly, we deposit our wages online to play online casino games. But, many of the players ignore the fact that whether the site is trustable or not. Thus, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are the two most secure ways to deposit your wages. These are the most secured form of payments with improvised technology and has been proven to be one of the most secure ways for transacting your wages.

5. Transparency and Anonymity

One of the best part of Bitcoins is that each and every transaction is posted publicly. The system of Bitcoin is designed to record all the transactions with all the relevant information, without revealing the identity of any player. Although, the players are allocated with some random usernames or with some numerical codes to identify the other users. Which means that, the transaction is fully anonymous and only the player and the site will know all the transaction details. Thus, there is no way to track the currency exchange of any player and this makes the protection even more stronger.

6. Fair Gaming Experience

The Bitcoin Casino games are fully audited and reviewed via Provably Fair Technology. It is the technology which ensures that the players are getting a fair gaming experience or not. With the Provably Fair Technology, both casino and the players cannot cheat the results and hence this allows the players, to be sure that the game is played safely and fairly.

The Cons of Playing Online with Bitcoins

1. Lack of understanding about How bitcoins works

The fact is that most of the players are still unaware of this digital currencies. These days, most of the casinos have started accepting Bitcoins, and to avail the benefits, it is important to educate the player as well as the staff to spread more information about the benefits of Bitcoin transactions.

2. No Chargebacks or Refunds

One of biggest drawbacks for Bitcoins is a lack of consistent policy for chargebacks or refunds, as all banks and credit card companies provide. Suppose, there is an online payments fraud while playing, you can’t even request a refund through Bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin is untraceable

Where anonymity is viewed as an advantage, it is somehow a drawback too. It can help the criminals to buy and sell the illegal products which cannot be traced. And, this can impact the popularity of the Bitcoin. Currently, Bitcoin is at growing stage and its features are being experimented. But, with the advancement in technology, its features will be polished and hope there will some solution to stop the criminal activities with Bitcoin.

4. Financial Risk

These days, Bitcoins are somewhere valuable because its demand is constantly increasing. As more bitcoins will be issued, we will see a slight drop in coming years. The exact price of the bitcoins never remains fixed and due to this the bitcoin players are always at a risk of losses when the price goes down.

5. Bitcoin License

There are casinos who accept the Bitcoin but do not hold the license issued by the jurisdiction. As, to get the license, it requires a lot of application fees, so usually some of the online casinos ignore to apply for the license. So, before a player start playing with Bitcoin, please make sure that you look for the license associated to the casino.


The popularity of bitcoin is increasing day by day. And due to the use of a digital medium, Bitcoins have the potential to become even more valuable than gold.
So, if you have decided to start with Bitcoin Gambling, then it is important for you to understand its importance and learn how to earn the profit from Bitcoins.


Tricks to Enjoy Roulette Online

Top 5 Tricks to Enjoy Roulette Online

“Discover the best roulette tricks that work, and start playing at online roulette”

Roulette is one of the is one of the most popular and risky games in the casino world. Playing roulette game online gives loads of entertainment to the players but before actually going for this game the player must know the basics about the game like what roulette is all about? What are the rules of the game? What are the best ways and tricks to make the best out of the roulette experience? One must be prepared with all these things to avoid any kind of confusion or loss while playing the game. To beat this game, you really need to take the right steps.

There are many roulette tricks available to do well in the game. Here are some of them:

#Trick1: Magic 8 System

The Magic 8 system is one of the well-known strategy that is used in online roulette to beat the odds. This strategy is based on the online roulette software.
In this, you have to place a bet on any of the previous numbers which is likely to be repeated after 8 consecutive rounds.
For example, if the earlier rounds results were, 2,4,7,11,9,26,35,14, then let your first round go without placing bet.
When you start betting, in the first round place a bet on number 4, then in the second round place a bet on 9 and 7. And then so on, till you reach the initial sequence of 8 numbers.
In case, if you are not able to win throughout this sequence then you can also try a long sequence of eleven numbers too.
Whereas, playing for 11 numbers is not suggested because the probability of winning and losing is much more favourable. So try to concentrate on your game and try to win any one of your 8 numbers. Once you won in any round, wrap up the game and start from scratch.

#Trick2: Minimize house edge

Minimize house edge, is always advised to play on a European roulette wheel over an American wheel if possible. It is advised because all the wheels offer the same payouts but the European wheels have better odds. The average house edge on European roulette wheels is just 2.7% whereas house edge on American roulette wheel is 5.26%.
Playing on European wheel also offers an “En Prison” rule. It is rule which allow the players to hold and repeat their bets after the ball has landed on 0. And then the overall house edge will get reduced to 1.35%.

Understanding the difference between American roulette wheel or European roulette wheel here

#Trick3: Double up

It is very easy trick. You just need to know that, either you are betting on black or red, or on even or odd. If you lose, then place a double bet and continue with same color again until you win. This strategy is known as Martingale Strategy.

For example, suppose, you bet $2 on red and the wheel stops at black, then in next round, bet $4 on the same red color to win your money and to make a profit. In case, if lands on black again, then bet $8 on red again in the next round. Make sure to continue doubling up the amount until the wheel lands on red color. It is a strategy, which allows you to make more money and helps you in earning the overall profit. However, this strategy requires enough bankroll for doubling up every-time.

#Trick4: James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James bond roulette strategy is a very simple and exciting betting system and to play with this strategy, you are required to have $200 to place the bet. In this, you need to bet on $140 on high numbers, i.e., ranging between 19-36 and $50 bet on six numbers, ranging between 13-18 and $10 you can bet on zero as an insurance.

Possible outcomes:

  • After spinning, if a number lands in between 19 to 36, then you will earn a profit of $80.
  • If a number lands in between from 13 to 18, you will earn a profit of $100.
  • And, in case, if Zero comes out, then you will earn a profit of $160.
  • Also, if a number lands in between the range of 1 to 12 and you lose, then next time use the most popular martingale strategy (refer #Trick3)

However, while playing with the James Bond Roulette Strategy, you should know that when you earn a good profit, you have to stop playing for the day. Also, before you start playing this strategy, make sure that you have enough money so that you can play a long inning.

#Trick5: D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy is one of the safest system. It is an even chance betting system; a player can bet on either 1-18/19-36, Red-Black, and Odd-Even.
In this betting system, a player has to pick a starting bet, if you lose, increase your bet by one, and if you win, decrease the next bet by one. The main objective of this theory is that, if you have as many wins as losses, then still you will be in profit by the amount of bets you’ve placed.

For Example, Start betting with number 7:
Bet 7 and lose
Bet 8 and lose
Bet 9 and win
Bet 8 and lose
Bet 9 and win
Bet 8 and win
Bet 7 and lose
Bet 8 and win
The maths for what we have just done is as follows: 0 – 7 – 8 + 9 – 8 + 9 + 8 – 7 + 8 = 4
The above sequence shows that, there was 4 wins and 4 losses, but the fact is that, you earned a profit by 4. So, this means that if the winning ratio is equal to the number of losses, you will always be in profit.

Therefore, the above tricks/strategies can actually make you good at roulette if executed properly.

Win at Online Blackjack

Top 5 Tips to Win at Online Blackjack Every time

Blackjack is the most popular casino game both on virtual and physical casinos.

But, have you ever thought that why Blackjack is so famous in this gambling world?

The answer lies in the fact that Blackjack is fully skilled based casino game, compared to other casino games. Most of the folks believe that it is easy to learn and easy to win after little gaming experience. Also, Blackjack consists of low house edge which makes the game even more interesting for the players.

It is observed that people continuously lose their money by playing the inappropriate moves online. It is good to know a few strategies before playing that will help the player to be more confident and take the right decision while playing any move.

Below you will find the top five online blackjack winning tips which will help the player in increasing their chance of winning the game with more profit.

Tip #1: Choose the right online casino

It is important that you choose the right online casino to play and win the game. Any irrelevant choice of online casino can decrease the chances of winning the game.
Sometimes, a player can find it very odd that how choosing an online casino, can actually impact their game? There are number of online casinos which look very trendy, but to get the value of the wages, it is advised to choose the casino who can reward you with a number of bonuses after you sign up with the casino.
So, before you start playing at any online casino, it will be helpful for you that you get familiar with the right promos and bonuses offered by the different online casinos. This will get the best wages and will increase your chances to win at the online blackjack table.

Tip #2: Know when to “HIT” & when to “STAND”

A player knows that, a dealer gets two cards, one card that is “faced up” and another card that is “faced down”. The “faced down” card has a great impact, because this card only decides that whether you have lost or won the hand.
It is obvious that a player doesn’t know the face value of that card, so, a player has to make the reasonable assumptions that whether they have to hit or stand.
There are some of the rules to know that, when you have to “hit”:
If your hand total is 8 or 12 through 16 and if the dealer’s face up card is 7, 8, 9, 10 or Ace, then – HIT
If your hand total is 11, do not Double and if the dealer’s face up card is Ace, then – HIT
If your hand total is 10, do not Double and if the dealer’s face up card is 10, then – HIT
If your hand total is 9, do not Double and if the dealer’s face up card is 7, 8 or 9, then – HIT
There are some of the rules to know that, when you have to “stand”:
If your hand total is 17 or above, then – “Stand”
If your hand total is 13 or above, and if the dealer’s face up card is 6 or below, then – “STAND”.
If you have a split able pair of Face Cards or 10s, do not Split them, then- “STAND”.

Tip #3: Know when to “DOUBLE”

Doubling down at right time is one of the best ways to minimize the house edge on playing blackjack online. There are number of players who doubles when their hands total is 10, and this increases the risk of losing the game. However, it is always suggested to go for “safe gameplay”, and the risk can be reduced when:
The dealer’s open card is a 3,4 or a 5 and you have a total of 9.
The dealer does not have an Ace as open card and you have a total of 11.
The dealer does not have an Ace or a 10 as open card and you have a total of 10.

Tip #4: Know the “Rule of 9”

The “Rule of 9” allows the players to add your non-ace card value to the dealers upcard. In case, if the addition of both the values is 9 or above, then you should double down. And if the total value of cards is less than 9, then you shouldn’t double down.
For example, if your non-ace card value is 6 and the dealer’s upcard value is 5. Then adding both cards results in 11, which means you should double down.
And in case, if your non-ace card value is 3 and the dealer’s upcard value is 4. Then adding both cards results in 7, which means you shouldn’t double down.

Tip #5: Avoid taking Insurance

When a dealer shows an Ace card to the player, then dealer also offers a chance to purchase the insurance. In this way, a player will get another chance to bet on the blackjack that the dealer has.
If the dealer has the blackjack in real, then a player will be paid on the insurance bet and you will lose the original bet.
Suppose, you bet for $10 and the dealer showed an Ace card. Then you will get the chance to bet $5 for insurance. And, if the dealer has blackjack, then you will lose your original $10 bet but get the $5 of your insurance bet. In simple terms, you will get half of the initial wages.
There are number of players who believe that getting insurance is really good deal but in actually, it is not. The deal of insurance works only over the long run.

Blackjack tips can be a powerful weapon on the casino floor. When you learn how to play the best possible game of blackjack by polishing your blackjack technique, you are making it possible for fortune to smile upon you and send you home with your pockets full of cash. To consistently win blackjack, it helps to have a little bit of good luck but it is more important to have strong technique.

Play Smartly at slot machine

8 Online Slot strategies to Play Smartly

If you are just a beginner to online slots games, you’re probably wondering what are some strategies that can be used for slot machines. Many people believe that it is simply a draw. However, with little research, you can find the best material gains.
The slot game is a skill based game which does involve your brain and smartness to play and try winning the game. There is no real effective method for winning at slots. The slots games are highly random and subjective in nature. As the slots machines don’t have any memory; there is no way by which we can outwit them. Instead, what we can do best is to follow some slots strategies to win at slots. Given below is the list of the best slots strategies, which we hope will help you maximize your winning odds and enable you to do everything to increase your chances of winning.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

As we know in our daily aspects, that practicing makes you a perfectionist. Similarly, the same fundamental will work while playing the online casino games. The more you will practice the game, more chances will increase of winning the game.
Which means that before you start playing for real wages, practice your game. There are number of casinos who offer the players to play for free without investing any wages.

2. Know about the slot machine

It is a very basic thing which is usually ignored by most of the players. Before you opt any slot machine, make sure that you know about the online slot machine, instead of start spinning the reel blindly. Online gambling slots game is different from reality. So here proper information about the odds, bonuses and payout schedule on your machine can be more favourable and you can get the most out of your slot session.

3. Paylines Matters

Analyze the concept of pay lines first before playing. One of the best slot strategies would be to go for such slot machine games that offer at least 9 Paylines. Though the chances of winning would be slightly lower but if you win, you will win some big money within a small time. Secondly, go for those slot machines those offer progressive jackpots. In this way, you can make some good amounts at the games.

4. Take Advantage of Online Slot Bonuses

Online Slot bonuses are one of the strategies which will help you in winning more. Try to find more about the game bonuses and the bonus rounds which will help you in winning more. There are casinos that provide endless entertainment to the players by providing more than what they expect.

5. Track your Progressive Jackpot

Make a list of your favourite progressive jackpot games and the list should have 5-10 slots, which are most effective for the system. In case, if the game has multiple progressives, then jot down the values for the top progressive jackpots and focus mainly on the largest one. This strategy will help you in making a better choice that which titles one should play.

6. Build Up a Bank Roll

Next popular slots strategy is to manage your bankroll. Always decide how long to spend playing during each session. Proper bankroll management is a key element in any slot machine strategy. Once you have decided your bankroll, split it into the session bankrolls. All these session bankrolls will be completely based on how long you are willing to play the online casino games. This splitting strategy of your wages into equal parts will be found most beneficial to the particular session and at the end the count of all wages will be more.

7. Knowing when to quit

If are playing at an online slot machine for a while and haven’t hit a winning spin, it could be a sign the slot machine you are playing with is not the right one for you. Don’t worry; there are more than 200 other slot machines in the online casino. So quit from that losing machine and try your luck somewhere else. Also If you are winning at a particular online slot machine, you should give up while as you are in winning. Don’t test the limits that could end up making the money.

8. Playing the Free versions

Last but not the least, the best slots strategy is to always practice playing the game at free online casinos before playing for real money. Playing at free online casinos help you understand tables properly and is the best way to discover which game works best for you.

Now you know the first steps to creating an online slot strategy, it’s now time to put all of the above strategies into practice. Are you ready to hit it big and test your strategies with Here to Gamble? Then start playing the best online slot casino games today here! In the comments section below, please let us know what you have learned from the above. You can also share your winning tips.

Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games

7 Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games

We hear all the time about online casino games and these games being widely adopted by casino players. Millions of people are wagering on games at thousands of gambling sites available online and these online casino games allow the players to break the monotony of their boring life and also bring more entertainment and fun which makes their life more interesting.

Still there are some players who still find that online gambling is not as much fun as playing at physical casinos. Surprisingly, playing online casino games can help you to win a lot of virtual money, develop your brain and play at reputable site while sitting comfortable at home.

In this blog we have outlined the most important benefits players can consider from playing casino games online. Let’s look at all the 7 benefits of playing casino games online.

1. Free Casino Games

Practice makes perfect. There is no doubt about this when you are playing online casino games. At all casinos site, a player should practice all casino games without paying anything extra. This means the players are allowed to play games for free until they get the confidence. Once you have more confidence in your gaming skills, you can start playing with real money bets.

2. More Payouts and less house edge

Many young casino players go to physical casinos in the chase of higher payouts, more bonuses and for best odds, but sometimes it costs both time and money. With online casinos you can save your time and money without any traveling to a physical casino. Playing online brings higher payouts, low house edges and more bonuses all the time than physical casinos. The main fact is, that there are thousands of casinos and due to competition from other sites, casinos are offering discounts and freebies to the players to attract new players.

3. Multiple options and Money guarantee

Thousands of options are available online. Just pick a suitable one and your work is done. That is not possible in physically casino. Also, you don’t have to carry hard cash to play any casino games. You can have the pleasure of using plastic money by making online transaction in any online casino.

4. Performance and history of game get recorded

The main benefit of playing online casino games is that all the information about your game will get recorded. While playing online casino games, there is a reliable computerized system which continuously saves your data and updates you with your performance. You can easily view your game history and can easily estimate that how much you have spent and how much you have won or lose. Also, it will make you aware about your mistakes and guide you in not repeating the same mistakes again in the next game.

5. Less Distraction and more focus

Physical casinos are a glamorous place, where you will find a lot of crowd, noise and female bookies. It is a very glitzy world which brings lot of distractions for the player. Land-based casinos are a place where a player cannot play their game with focus, which results in loss of wages and time. Whereas, on the flip side, if you are playing your game online, then you can play it with full concentration and can enjoy your winnings with your near ones.
If you feel that playing in such environment is more enjoyable, then there is an option of live dealer in online scenario. A player can play live dealer casino game, where you can choose your own live dealers and your own table. Playing will live dealer fulfils the emptiness of glamour.

6. Huge Bonus & Rewards

One of the benefits of playing online casino games is that casino sites offer a range of bonuses and reward schemes that you won’t find at the land based casinos. The most common is a welcome bonus, which gives you extra money to play with for free, based on a percentage of your initial deposit. Casino sites use these bonuses to attract new players, so it’s worth to check around before you sign up to any site.

7. Easy to access the online casino games anytime

There are situations when you feel bored and like to go to play your favorite casino game, and you have no one to go with, or it might be thundering outside or it can be any other situation. Then what you will do? The best option you can consider is to play the online casino games. The best part of online casino games is that you don’t have to look at your clock when you desire to play the casino game. You can easily register an account and start playing your favorite game with the amazing bonuses which you wouldn’t have got at any of the physical casino.

As you can see, there are a reasons as to why online casino games can be beneficial for any casino lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Just go to online game sites and play what is provided there!

Poker Rules

5 Online Poker Rules Every Poker Player Should Know

Do you want to learn how to play poker online? Before you start playing online poker, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with “what online poker is all about”.

Poker is not just a game of luck; it is also a game of skill. Although winnings are essentially influenced by pure luck, it cannot be denied that one can push their luck in poker game through skills only.

The main question is how do we start playing online poker?

First is to find a poker site where you can start playing online. And then it is important that you get to know all the required rules to play an online game.

Below you will find the step by step rules to play online Poker. If you are a beginner check our Easy to win 2017 Poker Tips and Advice and start playing in live environment.

The following rules are all you need to win big and become lucky player in poker.

Rules to Play Poker Online

Rules of playing poker online are quite simple and easy and these rules do sometimes differ from one version to another. But, the basic rules remain the same across all the version of games.
There are some of the important basic rules which are mandatory to follow in all the version of games to win big.

1. Dealing Cards and Betting Rounds

Player should play a role of an observant in the very beginning. A player should look at the actions of their opposite players, because their actions reveals the story of their hands.

The actions of your competitor can let you know on what next you need to do:


A player gets the option of “Check”, in case if no other player has raised it before your turn. Which means that you don’t have to put wages into the pot.


“Bet” is an option where you have to place your bet, if no one else has placed before your turn. And then the following players have to place the bet which should be at least matching your bet, if they wish to continue playing their hand.


“Fold” as a case occurs when some other player has bet before your turn. And when you have very week cards, then you get the option to fold or toss your cards. Which means that you will no longer be a part of the hand.


“Call” is an option a player gets, when the other player has bet before your turn and you strongly feel that you have enough strong hands to continue, then you get the option to ‘call’. Which means that you have the value of the bet that is made by the player who has acted before you.


“Raise” is a very competitive bet. In case, if a player has bet before you and you believe that you hold a really strong starting hand, then it is advisable to ‘raise’ the bet, as it will put pressure on your opponents.

2. Ways to Win and Play Hands

Another important rule to play the game is to play the hands. i.e., a player should know the ranking of all the hands from high to low, because these hands will only decide the winner in the end, which are as follows:


Royal flush: cards consists of the king, ace, jack, queen, and ten of a suit.
A player who have the best possible royal flush card combinations hand, consisting of the queen, ace, king, jack and ten of a suit, then that hand will be unbeatable.


Straight Flush: Consists of Five cards in the numerical order with all the similar suits.
This hand can occur only in the case of “tie”- whosoever player ranks at the top of the sequence, will win the bet.


Four of a Kind: This hand contains the four cards with one similar rank, whereas, there will be one wild card with some another rank.
This occurs in case of “tie”, when the players who have same four of a kind, and out of all those the player who have the card with highest rank will win the bet, which is also called as kicker.


Full House: Consists of three of a kind of cards and a pair of cards with the similar rank.
In this Full house, when multiple number of players have the full house, then out of those players who have the same three of a kind cards, the player with the highest card value will be the winner.


Flush: Contains the five cards with the same suit i.e. hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs.
In case of tie the player who have the highest ranked card will win the battle. Also, if required, the second-highest, third, fourth and fifth ranked cards can also be used to break the tie. In case, if all five cards are of the same ranks, then the pot will be split.


Straight: It is a hand which consist of several cards with consecutive values.
The player who has the highest rank while playing the hand and is ranking at the top of the sequence will win the bet.


Three of a kind: It contains the three cards which are of the same rank, and there will be two other unrelated side cards.
While playing this hand, the player who has the same three of a kind cards, the highest ranked card will win.


Two pair: There are a pair of cards with the similar rank, and also, there will be an another pair with a different rank and a kicker.
During the hand, the player who has the highest rank of all the pairs will win the hand. Also, if both the players have the same highest pairs then the second highest pair will win. If required, the kicker will be compared when both the players have two identical pairs.


One pair: In this, a hand consisting of two cards with a matching rank, and rest the rest of the three side cards are of different ranks. If the players has the similar pair of cards, then the highest side card will win.


High card: In high card, a player’s hand ranking is completely decided on the basis of the highest value of card held when it does not have a pair, four of a kind, a straight two pair, a full house, three of a kind, a flush, or a straight flush.

3. Betting Limits

The name betting limit itself implies its meaning from its name. Betting limit means a minimum amount which is required to bet in order to place the bet. There are following types of betting limits, which are as follows:


In no limit poker game, there is no betting structure or limit. In this, a player can bet or raise the amount upto their full stack in any desired round.


In this Pot limit, a player can raise or bet by the total fixed amount at the particular time.


In this limit, a player can bet, call or raise, but only a fixed amount. In all the rounds, the betting amount is always fixed in advance.

4. Ties

Usually, the condition of tie doesn’t occur, but in some of the poker variations, tie situation might be faced by the players, i.e., in stud game variation, a suit is used to break the ties between the cards with the same rank. The suit ranks from low to high are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. However, in case of tie, the pot gets split and the odd chips found are reduced to the smallest amount being used at the table. Any odd chip left over after having been broken down will go to a single player, decided by one of the following methods and depending on the game being played:
In a high-low, the odd chip will go to the high hand.
At a stud table, all cards will be taken into consideration at the tie breaker and the odd chip will go to the tied player.

5. Showdown

Showdown means where the remaining active players has to show or ‘declare’ their hands, and the player with the best ranking hand will win the pot.
Players rarely show their hands in an appropriate order, rather than all at the same time. Also, multiple players can share a single pot, when the pot gets divided into different ways. This depends on the game rules that how each and every player’s hand ranks against their opponent’s hands.

5 Online Poker Rules Every Poker Player Should Know

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Online Sports Betting – Guide & Simple Sports Betting Tips in 2017

Everyone has heard of betting on sports. Whether it is at the horse race tracks, or online. Online Sports betting is popular and great fun for all. But if you are looking to enter the world of online sports betting, you’ll need some background information before betting. Being well informed in the world of gambling helps the person feel more confident while playing, resulting in them winning more.

Online betting is the easiest, with access right from your home at any hour of the day and you can bet easily bet on any sport via laptop, mobile or desktop.

Here’s a quick summary of this guide:

Introduction to Sports Betting

This section explains the basics of sports betting.

Important thing to consider when choosing an online sportsbook

This section is where you can learn how to choose the right online sportsbook to bet. These factors are key factors you should consider when choosing an online sportsbook

Types of Sports Betting

Here we explain the various types of sports betting.

Sports Betting Tips

This section is all about the sport betting tips which actually works.

if you are a beginner and want to get started right away, please check out below the most important things you HAVE to know!

Introduction to Sports Betting

Unlike playing slot games, Sports betting is not entirely dependent on luck and timing alone. In sportsbetting it is important to know and understand the rules of the game. The rules may vary from one game to another.
In sportsbetting, the main purpose of sports betting is to beat the Oddsmakers and win some money. You may not win every single time you place a bet, but a strong understanding of any game you are going to bet on is very important. Thorough knowledge of the rules will help you to try different strategies, or just polish the one you already have. This will only help you immensely in the long run.

Important thing to consider when choosing an online sportsbook

Phone Wagering option:
A phone wagering option should be there as in case the sportsbook is having website issues and you are away from home. In these cases, casino does allow wagering on any games for you.
Signup Bonus
Many sports betting casinos offer a signup bonus to attract you as a customer. A signup bonus is an excellent way to build your bankroll before you even placed your first wager! So do always check these bonuses in advance.
Top Notch Customer Service
Call the sportsbook Customer Service and ask them question. If they are rude or you can’t understand them, ignore signing up with the sportsbook, because If things are bad in the beginning they are sure to get worse when issues may arise or you need urgent help.
Fast No-Hassle Payouts
Every player wants to be paid when they win the game! If the website is offering fast, no-hassle payouts, move on to that site. There are some of the sites where you can get quick cash without any hassle within an hour.

Lastly, make sure the Online sports book offers many deposit and withdrawal options. This makes your sports betting experience a smooth one!

Types of Sports Betting

Sports betting is divided into 7 types, so a player can place their bet accordingly:

1. Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed Odd Betting is the most traditional form of sports betting which is familiar amongst most of the players. In simple terms, a player has to bet on the team or on an individual. If the player has bet on the right team or individual, then the player will get paid out accordingly. But, in case, if the outcome is not the same you choose, then you will get paid nothing and you will lose the bet.

2. Live/In betting

It’s been a few years that live betting has launched the bet and it is possible to play this bet online. In this Live betting, a player is allowed to place the bet on fixed odds during the sports event. This bet gives a plenty of leverage to the players to adjust their bets.

It will help the player in increasing their chance of winning the game and this makes the game more interesting. The benefit of live betting is this that you can sell your previously purchased bets and turn it into your profit. Thus, buying cheap and selling high, brings more winning and this type of betting is known as in-betting or interactive betting.

3. Exchange Betting

Exchange betting is an another development in the sports betting world that has gained huge popularity among the players, in a very small time of its release. Maximum players choose to play the exchange betting for most of their wagers. This bet is traditionally the same like other bets and the odds will also remain fixed while placing your bet but, the major difference is that there is no bookmarker involved. In simple terms, the player has to bet against the another player who is sitting opposite to you.

A betting exchange is platform for punters where the system allows the punters to bet against each other rather than with bookmarker. In simple terms in Exchange Betting you don’t have to bet against the bookmarker. Every punter can act as a bookmarker by setting odds or the customer by backing the odds, set by other punters.
Betting exchange offers two types of methods of placing the wagers, i.e.

Backing – In Backing, you can only pick the odds to wager on and if you think that the opposite player or team has the chance to win the game, then you must BACK them to win.

Laying – In laying, punters can play the role of a bookmaker and decide the odds to sell.

However, when all the wages get settled out, a small amount of commission will be kept by the exchange and the remaining sum will be given to the winner of the game.

4. Spread Betting

Spread betting is somewhere similar to the total betting or betting over/under. In this betting, a player has to guess a specific value, that either the value will be lower or higher than the amount marked by the bookmarker. For example,

Let’s take two numbers i.e.190 and 192, this is known as spread.
Now there are two options, either Buy the spread at 192 or sell it at 190. Also, keep in mind that here we are not doing fixed odd betting.

So, now, if a player has bought the spread at 192 for $10, and the outcome is over 192, then a player will win $10 spread for every point. i.e., if the total point scored is 195, then a player will win $30.And, if a player sells the spread at 190 for $10, and the outcome is under 190, then a player will win $10 spread i.e., if the total points scored is 185, then a player will win $50.

This is a great way of winning the stake many times.

On the contrary side, the possibility of losing also occurs.

If a player has bought the spread at 192 for $10, and the total outcome is under 192, then the player will lose $10 for every point below 192, i.e., if the total point scored is 185, then the player will lose$70.
Also, if a player sells the spread at 190 for $10, and the total outcome is over 190, then a player will lose $10 for every point over 190, i.e., if the total point scored is 195, then the player will lose$50.
So, always proceed with precaution and never take your bet lightly.

5. Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy Sports Betting is all about drafting a fantasy team consists of real players, and the team gets decided based on some certain specified criteria, and then the team enters in the contest or league and will play against the other drafted teams. Further, the teams will then earn points based on the gameplay which they have drafted by performing in “real life.”

For example, in fantasy basketball, the team will earn the points when a player will mark a score against the opposite team.

6. Pari-Mutuel Betting

The Pari-Mutuel betting is one of the oldest bets which was invented in the19th century. Pari-mutuel betting is very different and interesting form of sports betting with fixed odds. Pari-mutuel betting is placed in the horse racing but can also be used in other racing events too.
Pari-mutuel betting involves betting against other gamblers who are betting on the same event on which you have bet.

For example, there are two outcomes, i.e. outcome1 and outcome 2

Suppose, 50 people bet on outcome 1 and other 100 people bet on outcome 2

Then in case, the majority of players won on outcome 1, these $1500 will get divided into 50 people i.e. all the 50 players will get $30 each, And, in case, if the outcome 2 has majority of winnings, then the $1500 will be divided into 100 people, i.e., those 100 people will get $15.

7. E-sports Betting

E-sports betting is the new addition sports betting. This betting includes Electronic sports or professional video gaming.

However, video gaming is very popular these days just like other traditional sports. Most of the players has started playing online video games against the other players globally. And, this range of competition and popularity has increased the excitement between the players to play with more enthusiasm.

Online Sportsbook Tips

In the recent times people are interested in different type of gambling activities either for fun or to make money. Betting on sports have become the best way to make money in short span of time. Tips or tactics present in online sites are much beneficial for beginners and it is also helpful for experienced players to polish their skills in gambling. So here are some of the tips to follow.

Sports betting tip #1 Money Management

The first and important thing to remember by gamblers is the money they are investing on betting. Players must set a point not to bet more money that they cannot afford. It is important to separate money for betting and stick with that. If it is followed, then there will be no trouble for the players even if they lost the bet and lost the money.

Sports betting tip #2 Do your research

Another key point which is a stumbling block most of the times, is to find a better betting place. It is always important to do some research before signing up to an online sportsbook and follow it closely. Some important point to check like:

  • How is customer support?
  • How fast the payout process?
  • How many deposit and withdrawal options do they have?
  • What about the securıty and reliability

Sports betting tip #3 Find a good betting system

Find a betting system that works for you and one you can understand. Always take your time for selecting the right one. Look for systems that have testimonials reviews and have a proven track record, or even a money back guarantee.

Sports betting tip #4 Stay focused

Always stay focused, as in casino games the player has to learn to live with disappointment when he loses. But by staying focused to the task and the system you will overall profit. Remember, do your research, find a system and stay focused.

Sports betting tip #5 Place bet at Right Time

There is a timing up to which you can place your bets, and many players just don’t know about the right time and place bets at any time, which is most uncertain and the chances of taking bad decisions are maximum. This mistake is very common and costs good amount of money to the gamblers. If you don’t want to do this same mistake, it would be advisable that pick your right time.

Sports betting tip #6 Trust your judgement

There are friends and colleagues in your circle, who love to give you guidance and make predictions about your betting. Tips and suggestions from your friends are good at the time and there is nothing wrong with taking other suggestion, but try not to be too existed and easily influenced by them. It is important to have faith in your own abilities and believe in your own judgement.

Sports betting tip #7 Take regular breaks

Regular breaks form the game reduces the tiredness, stress, risk of losing your money and boredom and helps increase concentration level, improve focus and refresh you that help in making good decision.

Sports betting tip #8 Put your emotions off the betting zone

When you are into sports betting, the first task for any player will be to put the emotions off the betting zone. Don’t let the emotions take over your logical state and play a spoiler. Be at the best of your logical mind when choosing the system to bet on.

Sports betting tip #9 Safety.

Choosing a sportsbook with SSL encryption is a good idea. This secures all transactions and personal information.

Once you consider yourself to be prepared and ready for action, visit the Top Online Sports Book Casinos, where the best and most committed sports gambling sites are waiting for you. Hope you have found all the relevant information you required by visiting the Sports Betting Guide,

Online Sports Betting Guide

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