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5 Online Poker Rules Every Poker Player Should Know

Do you want to learn how to play poker online? Before you start playing online poker, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with “what online poker is all about”.

Poker is not just a game of luck; it is also a game of skill. Although winnings are essentially influenced by pure luck, it cannot be denied that one can push their luck in poker game through skills only.

The main question is how do we start playing online poker?

First is to find a poker site where you can start playing online. And then it is important that you get to know all the required rules to play an online game.

Below you will find the step by step rules to play online Poker. If you are a beginner check our Easy to win 2017 Poker Tips and Advice and start playing in live environment.

The following rules are all you need to win big and become lucky player in poker.

Rules to Play Poker Online

Rules of playing poker online are quite simple and easy and these rules do sometimes differ from one version to another. But, the basic rules remain the same across all the version of games.
There are some of the important basic rules which are mandatory to follow in all the version of games to win big.

1. Dealing Cards and Betting Rounds

Player should play a role of an observant in the very beginning. A player should look at the actions of their opposite players, because their actions reveals the story of their hands.

The actions of your competitor can let you know on what next you need to do:


A player gets the option of “Check”, in case if no other player has raised it before your turn. Which means that you don’t have to put wages into the pot.


“Bet” is an option where you have to place your bet, if no one else has placed before your turn. And then the following players have to place the bet which should be at least matching your bet, if they wish to continue playing their hand.


“Fold” as a case occurs when some other player has bet before your turn. And when you have very week cards, then you get the option to fold or toss your cards. Which means that you will no longer be a part of the hand.


“Call” is an option a player gets, when the other player has bet before your turn and you strongly feel that you have enough strong hands to continue, then you get the option to ‘call’. Which means that you have the value of the bet that is made by the player who has acted before you.


“Raise” is a very competitive bet. In case, if a player has bet before you and you believe that you hold a really strong starting hand, then it is advisable to ‘raise’ the bet, as it will put pressure on your opponents.

2. Ways to Win and Play Hands

Another important rule to play the game is to play the hands. i.e., a player should know the ranking of all the hands from high to low, because these hands will only decide the winner in the end, which are as follows:


Royal flush: cards consists of the king, ace, jack, queen, and ten of a suit.
A player who have the best possible royal flush card combinations hand, consisting of the queen, ace, king, jack and ten of a suit, then that hand will be unbeatable.


Straight Flush: Consists of Five cards in the numerical order with all the similar suits.
This hand can occur only in the case of “tie”- whosoever player ranks at the top of the sequence, will win the bet.


Four of a Kind: This hand contains the four cards with one similar rank, whereas, there will be one wild card with some another rank.
This occurs in case of “tie”, when the players who have same four of a kind, and out of all those the player who have the card with highest rank will win the bet, which is also called as kicker.


Full House: Consists of three of a kind of cards and a pair of cards with the similar rank.
In this Full house, when multiple number of players have the full house, then out of those players who have the same three of a kind cards, the player with the highest card value will be the winner.


Flush: Contains the five cards with the same suit i.e. hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs.
In case of tie the player who have the highest ranked card will win the battle. Also, if required, the second-highest, third, fourth and fifth ranked cards can also be used to break the tie. In case, if all five cards are of the same ranks, then the pot will be split.


Straight: It is a hand which consist of several cards with consecutive values.
The player who has the highest rank while playing the hand and is ranking at the top of the sequence will win the bet.


Three of a kind: It contains the three cards which are of the same rank, and there will be two other unrelated side cards.
While playing this hand, the player who has the same three of a kind cards, the highest ranked card will win.


Two pair: There are a pair of cards with the similar rank, and also, there will be an another pair with a different rank and a kicker.
During the hand, the player who has the highest rank of all the pairs will win the hand. Also, if both the players have the same highest pairs then the second highest pair will win. If required, the kicker will be compared when both the players have two identical pairs.


One pair: In this, a hand consisting of two cards with a matching rank, and rest the rest of the three side cards are of different ranks. If the players has the similar pair of cards, then the highest side card will win.


High card: In high card, a player’s hand ranking is completely decided on the basis of the highest value of card held when it does not have a pair, four of a kind, a straight two pair, a full house, three of a kind, a flush, or a straight flush.

3. Betting Limits

The name betting limit itself implies its meaning from its name. Betting limit means a minimum amount which is required to bet in order to place the bet. There are following types of betting limits, which are as follows:


In no limit poker game, there is no betting structure or limit. In this, a player can bet or raise the amount upto their full stack in any desired round.


In this Pot limit, a player can raise or bet by the total fixed amount at the particular time.


In this limit, a player can bet, call or raise, but only a fixed amount. In all the rounds, the betting amount is always fixed in advance.

4. Ties

Usually, the condition of tie doesn’t occur, but in some of the poker variations, tie situation might be faced by the players, i.e., in stud game variation, a suit is used to break the ties between the cards with the same rank. The suit ranks from low to high are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. However, in case of tie, the pot gets split and the odd chips found are reduced to the smallest amount being used at the table. Any odd chip left over after having been broken down will go to a single player, decided by one of the following methods and depending on the game being played:
In a high-low, the odd chip will go to the high hand.
At a stud table, all cards will be taken into consideration at the tie breaker and the odd chip will go to the tied player.

5. Showdown

Showdown means where the remaining active players has to show or ‘declare’ their hands, and the player with the best ranking hand will win the pot.
Players rarely show their hands in an appropriate order, rather than all at the same time. Also, multiple players can share a single pot, when the pot gets divided into different ways. This depends on the game rules that how each and every player’s hand ranks against their opponent’s hands.

5 Online Poker Rules Every Poker Player Should Know

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